Sticky pads and Notes

We have a ‘whaley’ important collection for you. It’s a collection for those who find it hard to keep track of their ‘moose’-do lists or for the doodlers, dreamers, and organizers in your life. We can ‘bearly’ contain our excitement in presenting this adorable and aesthetically pleasing collection for you.

We are introducing our exclusive sticky-pads collection! Featuring our most popular puns and fun designs, you’ll always have something on hand to help jot down those thoughts. Each of these precision-cut, beautifully colored sticky-pads comes with a hardy magnetic strip for ease of use and display on the fridge if needed. These decorative sticky-pads differ in shapes and sizes and reflect some of our most adorable designs, perfect for note-taking and more!

Use our cute sticky pads and notes to color-code your family for specific tasks, create a flexible dinner plan plotting out new lists with our sticky notes each week. Are you a bullet journal enthusiast, or know someone in your life that is? Our sticky notes are an excellent addition that anyone can use for To-Do daily and weekly, shopping, workouts, meal plans, goal tracking lists, and anything else that you can imagine!

Our sticky pads are also perfect for sending a loved one a thoughtful note, whether it’s packed in a lunch, left on the fridge, or tucked into their favorite book to find later. Our sticky note pads can be used as an excellent tool for marking pages or passages in a book for studying, adding brief notes to an already written out page, labeling items, and creating essential reminders for daily tasks.

LazyOne’s sticky pads are part of our essential mission: to help ensure we bring our customers both comfort and a smile to their lives. Having a functional, beautiful notepad at hand is one of the many ways to make your life a little easier and more comfortable by helping with a wide variety of daily to-dos. Whether you or someone you live with is the scheduler, you are bound to find and fall in love with one of our delightful sticky pads. These sticky pads make the perfect gift and can be matched with some of our top-selling, most popular pajamas, sleepwear, or accessories for a unique set of stylized gifts.

Questions about these sticky pads? Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. It’s ‘whaley’ important to us that we provide you the answers you need with our excellent customer service.