Funny Notepads

With a million things to do in a day, it’s easy to forget a couple things that needed to be done. Why pick up a boring old stack of sticky notes when you could have something better? Our funny notepads are perfect for keeping track of all the family’s important to-dos. From grocery lists and chores to appointments and love notes, these can be used for just about anything. Each of these features a funny theme that brightens up the day’s to-dos, making it just a little more amoosing as the day goes on. For all of your udderly important tasks, these are a must-have in your home!

Your home is filled with your family’s unique personality, so your stationery should be no different. With over a dozen cheeky notepads to choose from, there are great designs that will be a hit with your kids and spouse. Some of these include the Honey Do list for papa bear, the Note to Selfie notepad, and the hilarious ProcrASStination List design. Whatever your family’s sense of humor is, we have the perfect notepad for you. They’re also great for work, helping you keep track of all of your beary important tasks. The best part about our notepads is that they make light of your busiest days, so you can take a moment to laugh at headlines like One Dam Thing After Another! We believe in the power of the pun, and with these notepads, you will too.

While punny designs are important, so is convenience. Our funny notepads include a cardboard backing and a magnet, so you can slap them right on the fridge. The easy-to-tear paper makes quick lists a breeze, so you can quickly jot down what you need and head out the door with the kids. Every notepad contains 50 sheets, so you can get tons of use out of them.

Whether you’re shopping for your home or for a great gift for a friend or family member, these are a moose have! Order a few of our funny notepads to add some lighthearted humor to your daily to-dos!