Funky Moose Collection

When the day ends, you want nothing more than to relax in comfort wearing your favorite pajamas. Whether your job has you crying in your cubicle or parenting is running you down, putting on your favorite PJs melts the day away for sweet dreams all night long. Break out of the ordinary with our funky moose pajamas! We know you don’t moose around when it comes to the right PJs. Let our collection turn any downtime into cozy time!

The moose is a respected animal of the wild known for moving at its own slow pace. When you want to move at your own slow pace (or hardly move from the couch at all), these funky moose pajamas let you answer the call of the wild in comfy style. Choose from your choice of matching sets with either long pants or shorts, as well as the matching top. Looking to stay funky when the weather heats up? Choose the tank and shorts to keep things light and breezy. Are you always cold no matter the temperature? Then cuddle up in the tee and pants with your favorite blanket. Whatever you choose, our funky moose pajamas are perfect for lounging in comfort. Made with soft cotton, these jammies are sure to be your jam. Not only are they soft and roomy, they are fade resistant so they will keep the lively print you love so much!

Do you live for weekends spent in bed catching up on beauty sleep? Are your pajamas the first thing you think about when you get home? Do you just really love a good moose print? Whatever strikes your fancy, put your best moose hoof forward with this collection. Relax in style with our funky moose pajamas today!

If you have any question while shopping with us, please give us a moose call. We will gladly help you in any way to find the perfect sleepwear for your next cozy, comfy night of adventure.