Manatee Pajamas and Gifts

What is a manatee’s favorite drink? Sweet mana-tea! Find your sweet spot with our manatee pajamas ready to explore the sea and the world of sleep in style. Let the whole house know you are in a No Wake Zone with our cute collection in several styles!

The manatee is not known for being a fast moving or particularly exciting creature. In fact, they are known as the sea cows of the ocean to tell you a bit about their overall need for speed. They definitely know how to relax and get their chill mode activated. If you identify with this gentle creature because your speeds are the same after a long day, our manatee pajamas are a sight to sea!

You will drift off to dreams in no time thanks to the peaceful blue colors and signature grey of this beloved sea creature. The material is also soft, and the fit provides a roomy appeal perfect for exploring the underwater world of restful sleep. Are you a fan of matching sets? Our tee and pants combo is sure to offer comfy, cozy appeal ready for a night on the seas. Do you prefer to keep things loose and breezy while staying true to your inner chill nature? Swim your way to an ocean full of comfort with our nightshirt! No matter how you like to chill, our PJs are here to help you do just that with one of your favorite animals. We even have options for the little manatees in your life with kids PJs. Looking to make your baby even more adorable? Check out the manatee onesie for your little one. Finish off your look with a pair of socks to keep those flippers warm.

Do you need a present for someone in your life with an obsession for all things manatee? If you are looking for manatee gifts sure to bring waves of seaside fun, our collection is the perfect answer. They can also be a gift to yourself because let’s face it, sometimes Mama just needs a little reward for all her hard work!

Put boring pajamas to bed and say hello to sweet seaside dreams with this fun collection today!