Cozy Slippers

What’s better than slippers? Fuzzy slippers! Our selection of Fuzzy Feet Slippers is the cat’s meow. With over a dozen different cozy options to choose from, you can easily find slippers to suit your entire crew! With a thick, fleecy lining and non-skid soles, these slippers will make for many happy campers in your home.

Sometimes, the best feelings come from the simplest of things. This includes warm and cozy slippers! Your tribe may not typically wear them but trust us when we say these comfy slippers will change their minds. The Fuzzy Feet Slippers are designed with fleece on both the inside and outside, so they’re a lot like walking on clouds! Each pair coordinates with a matching family pajama collection, so they’re ideal add-ons to the year’s new family PJs. Some of the themes include Nordic Bear, Born Wild, Catitude, Don’t Moose with Me, Nordic Moose, and many other popular designs. Your little ones, both gals and guys, with love romping all over the house in these slippers. They’ll keep their feet nice and toasty, and with the non-skid soles, you won’t have anyone slip-sliding on your floors! Fuzzy Feet Slippers are purrfect for mom and dad too, so nobody goes with ice cold feet again. Even if you’re shopping for a deer one for a birthday or the holidays, this collection is perfect for gifting. Cuddle up together on the sofa with your Fuzzy Feet slippers and take in the moment. Something as simple as a few pairs of cozy slippers can bring your family together in a beary special way!

Once your gang tries our comfy slippers for the first time, they’ll be howling for a 2nd and 3rd pair! Free shipping on US orders over $75! Please contact us with any questions you have about our Fuzzy Feet Slippers. We are more than happy to help our customers find the right PJ sets for the family!