Sherpa Throw Blankets

Are you ready to snuggle up to the softest, most generous, luxurious blanket humankind may have ever experienced? How about owning the perfect blanket for family game nights, movie nights, or cuddle time? If you answered yes, we’ve got you!

Welcome to our Sherpa throw blankets! Created from our utmost exceptional quality and durable materials you’ve come to know and love from us, these ultra-soft 100% coral fleece outer layer, Sherpa fleece on the inside blankets are going to be your go-to again and again. Our Sherpa throw blankets feature the fluffiest inner layer that you and those you love will adore sinking into.

Available in various aesthetics reminiscent of log cabins with roaring fires, choose from the always stylish plaid, our cozy Bear Fair Isle, Moos Fair Aisle, or Cabin Moose in beautiful colors and details to name a few. Each of our Sherpa throw blankets comes in a generous size of 50” x 60” so that they can create a luxuriously warm wrapped-up experience. Additionally, we’ve made sure that each Sherpa throw blanket is pre-shrunk so that you can enjoy it without the worry of shrinkage.

Naturally, for a unique gift set, many of our Sherpa throw blankets match some of our most favorite pajama designs as well, making the possibility of the gift of Sherpa throw blanket and matching pajamas a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful and memorable gift. So whether you want to be huddled in front of an outdoor heater on a clear winter’s night or bundled up at home on the couch, you’ll want one of our Sherpa throw blankets to drift into the ultimate relaxation.

When it comes to softness, you know at LazyOne, we’ll be your number one go-to for all this cozy. Feel free to roll up in our Sherpa throw blankets and nuzzle this soft cloudy experience as soon as possible, or make sure your loved ones get their own, so there’s no need to fight over who gets to float away!

Questions about our Sherpa throw blankets? Want to know more? We can ‘bearly’ contain our glee! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time, and we would love to assist you.