Adorable Kids Onesie Pajamas

Special delivery for you! Get ready to melt away at the absolute cuteness of our kids onesies. If you thought your little one couldn't get any cuter, wait until they put on one of our kids onesie pajamas. You—and they—will flip their flapjack!

Kids onesies are ideal, not just for the cold blast of winter, but they're also airy for summer, thanks to our premium 100% combed cotton. Cotton is the ultimate breathable fabric, perfect for every season and always super soft against the skin. And don't worry about a 'flapccident', as all of our adorable flapjack onesies for kids are designed with purely decorative trapdoors to ensure safety.

Are you looking for an infant onesie or toddler onesie for your little one? Have no fear; we have a wide variety of kids onesies for every age. Do they think dinos are roarsome? Our Tail Bone Kid's Dinosaur onesies will be a perfect sight for 'saur' eyes. Wrap that Bear Bum in luxurious comfort that comes with 2x2 rib fabric at the wrist and ankles to prevent any fabric mishaps.

Your kids 'whale' love you forever for covering their tail end in the funniest yet softest pair of pajamas ever. Amoose your kids, and yourself, watching them get ready for bed each night, or have a lazy family day parking your cabooses on the couch for wonderful cuddles. You'll find our kids onesies range in sizes from 2T all the way up to 12, and each one has a handy size chart link that you can click to make sure you get your lil' sweet cheeks the ideal pair for them.

Whether you're prepared to Take Off, Eh, for Canada day, getting ready for holiday cheer, or just want your little cubs to be cozy, we'll have something for them right here in our flapjack onesie collection! Don't forget to take a peek at all of our wonderful accessories too! Everything from matching slippers, mittens, hats, and our iconic Critters in stuffed animal form can be found here at LazyOne.

When it comes time to sleep better than ever or just be lazy on a cozy family day, our kids onesie pajamas will surely be the secret to a cuddly day filled with smiles.