Duck Pajamas and Gifts

What time do ducks wake up? At the quack of dawn! Waddle into comfort and style with our fun duck pajamas. A good night of rest will be like water off a duck’s back with these jammies. Finding the right level of comfort and style is no poultry thing, and these PJs never quack under the pressure. With bright, vibrant colors and fun characters, this is one collection ready to take flight over your dreams.

Gather up your little ducklings for a night of cozy floating and flying! Your little ones are sure to drift off to sweet dreams with these jammies. The onesies and rompers are sure to fit the bill and extend their sleep a little feather. Our matching sets for boys and girls are great for those long nights of dreaming of taking flight thanks to soft materials of 100% combed cotton that is always comfy for your little ducklings. Our duck pajamas are never a fowl choice!

With our men’s boxers, give the mallard in your flock a gift he will love with every wear. Made with preshrunk material that is always soft and comfy, these boxers are always a hit! They feature elastic waistbands for added comfort and button fly for those late night bathroom breaks.

Our selection of duck gifts has something for every bird in the brood. From our popular Duck Duck Moose book to calm little ducklings to sleep with a fun story to boxers for your man, we have you covered like a bird on some seeds. Whether you give these duck gifts as a birthday present or just because you feel like it, these choices are sure to flight up their day. There is no denying that this collection is one to quack about!

We are committed to giving you only the best in customer service. Please feel free to let out a duck call with any questions. Our friendly flock is always happy to help in any way!