Otter Pajamas and Gifts

Did you know otters use sea kelp to anchor themselves so they can sleep in the water without drifting downstream? With our otter PJs, anchor yourself in style or drift away in otterly comfortable PJs as you please!

Another cute fact you otter know is that otters also hold hands while sleeping to stay connected. With our cute matching family otter pajamas, keep your gang together in style and comfort. With matching sets of shirts and pants, nightshirts, kid’s PJs, and even onesies for the youngest otter in your brood, create an adorable photo op just waiting to happen, hashtag hello social media likes! If you are otterly exhausted of boring PJs with nothing to offer, then our otter PJs are here to help you rest and relax in style. Made with a tranquil light blue background to make you feel like you are floating down a river of dreams with your new otter friend, these jammies will make you ottermatically comfy and ready to snooze. We even have adorable socks to match your otter pajamas for head to toe coziness! Why wear boring PJs when you can wear jammies that are otterly adorable? Otters love a good snack while they relax and our jammies even have snack pockets for you to hide your favorites or the remote from someone else. Whatever your jammie jam is, this collection is sure to meet your needs.

We ensure all our jammies offer the ottermost comfort by way of soft material of 100% cotton and safe azo-free dyes for vibrant color that is also safer for the environment. When you want quality and comfort to get you through the night in style, our otterly exhausted collection lets you drift off to sweet dreams with this beloved animal. Best of all, these are machine washable so you can be otterly lazy when it comes to care. Dry clean only? We know you don’t have time for that.

If you need help while shopping, feel free to float downstream for assistance. Our team is always happy to help you find PJs sure to please while you catch your ZZZs.