Hogs & Kisses Collection

Do you love hamming it up with comfy, cute PJs full of personality? Are you looking for jammies perfect for kicking back with a glass of white swine after a long day? With our adorable Hogs and Kisses pajamas, break out of the ordinary pigpen and experience comfy jammies sure to please! Best of all, there are options here for your little piglets so you can all match together.

With our cozy, comfy piggy PJs, skip going to the market and squeal all the way home to bed in style. These jammies are comfy and that’s no hogwash! Made with 100% combed cotton that is preshrunk, these PJs are sure to feel like hog heaven after a long day. With our Hogs and Kisses matching pajamas, there is plenty to squeal about when it comes to comfort. From the drawstring elastic waist perfect for stretching your pants out after eating like a little porker to the handy pocket for holding the remote control or more snacks, these jammies are perfect for a lazy day that turns into a lazy night!

When you feel like sharing the love, our Hogs and Kisses pajamas have something for your little piglets. From baby onesies to sizes for bigger kids, you can bring your little ones in on the fun with this collection. Are you looking for a perfect photo op for Instagram? Do you just want to cuddle up in your pigpen together in matching styles? Then our Hogs and Kisses matching pajamas are the perfect choice! Cozy and comfy, these jammies are ready to call it a night with their soft material, great detailing, and lively print. If you thought pajamas this cute and cozy would only happen when pigs fly, think again! Wrap your little piggies up in cute, cozy jammies with fun-loving pigs and pink colors they are sure to love.

Please give us a pig call downrange if you have any questions. Our farmhands are always happy to help in any way!