Unicorn Pajamas and Gifts

Are you and your little one ready for an adventure? Travel to far off lands of wonder with rainbows and unicorns as your magical guide! Make bedtime magical for a majestic night of sleep with fun unicorn pajamas.

What could be more magical than a colorful unicorn carrying you off to sweet dreams? Nothing! Ride away into a rainbow sky with this mythical beast on your favorite unicorn PJs and more with our selection of colorful choices.

What's the best type of story to tell a runaway unicorn? A tale of whoa! Wrangle up your little runaways at bedtime with PJs that are corny in the best way, Unicorny that is. With our options for little ones, such as kids PJ sets, infant leggings, and stuffed unicorns for a bedtime friend sure to bring rainbow-colored dreams, making bedtime a ride they will actually want to take instead of the usual battle. You can even turn your little one into this playful animal with a hooded blankie to let their imagination run wild.

Why should the little ones get all the magic and fun? Grown-ups can still believe in magic and with our women’s unicorn pajamas, you can believe it out loud and proud with all the colors of the rainbows. You can even get a mommy and me matching set to make all the Instagram moms in your friend group magically jealous of your over the rainbow life.

Don’t let your hooves get cold on your magical bedtime journey! Your unicorn PJs need the right cozy footwear for the ride. Warm up those footsies with colorful socks for kids and adults. From spa slippers to our signature Toasty Toez boots, your magical hooves are ready for a ride through magical lands.

Ride over the rainbow in style and comfort with our selection. Every item is made with magically soft materials of high standards. We say neigh to anything that isn’t up to our magical standards. Embrace your cozy side with comfy PJs ready for a snuggle with your little unicorn today!