Coffee Mugs

There’s nothing better than a warm mug of your favorite morning beverage in a pair of matching pajamas with the family. Make it even more enjoyable when you ditch your plain old coffee mug for one that’s bursting with personality! In over a dozen funny designs, these cups will be a "mug"nificent addition to your home!

Sure to put a smile on your mug, our ceramic mugs feature our comical moose, bear, and horse characters and more to match our most popular pajamas! These mugs hold 12oz of coffee, tea, or whatever else gets you going in the morning. They each feature a camper style design with colorful speckled paint for that awesome nostalgic feel. The print is oven cured, so it will never fade. Plus, our coffee mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe! Heat up that brew or hot cocoa once it’s gone cold after getting sidetracked with the kiddos. Love shooting an annual family portrait? Our funny mugs are perfect to use in your holiday family photos, since they perfectly match some of our moose popular PJ sets. Let your imagination run wild with this year’s photo to show your family and friends that your crew is the coolest. Even after the holidays, these ceramic mugs will be great reminders of all the memories you and your family made together! Besides, you’ll look totally cool sipping out of one of these on your next Zoom call. You and the kids will like our comedic mugs so much that you might need to make more space in the cabinets. Don’t be surprised when the kids choose one as their favorite cup to use on a daily basis! If you have a coffee mug collector or coffee fanatic in the family, you can instantly put a smile on their mug when you gift them one of these options.

Contact us with any questions you have about our coffee mugs or other houseware items. We are more than happy to help our customers find mugs to match their cozy jammies!