Boys Christmas PJs

It’s a tradition that might have begun earlier than the 50s, with one of its earliest images captured from a catalog in 1958. It’s spreading each year and becoming one of the most popular ways to celebrate a beloved holiday. Every Christmas is becoming a ‘kids of all ages’ phenomenon but primarily focused on giving our young ones the magic, joy, and anticipation for Christmas.

It’s the Christmas pajama tradition!

Boys’ Christmas pajamas are a great way to keep your little cowboy, bear cub, or sweet cheek excited for the upcoming holiday and help remind them it’s essential to get a good sleep before Santa comes down the chimney! Whether they become a gift to be worn on Christmas eve or day, the week before, or all month long. Holiday pajamas are the ideal way to kick off the magic of Santa Clause.

Every family has its own unique Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year. Some of us love to cut our trees, beautify the entire house with twinkling lights, light a yule log, and others—like us—love the tradition of Christmas pajamas to wear.

If you’ve been searching for one of the most trusted pajama and pajama set companies online today, rest easy as you have found us! When you browse and shop with us, you can shop confident that quality, comfort, and better sleep are our number one priority—as well as some pretty hilarious puns too. We make some of the most sought-after, premium quality, long-lasting pajamas that families around the country have adored adding to their Christmas celebration, so don’t sleep on these magnificent winter-wonderland sets for too long.

Unsure about making this your family’s new tradition? There are so many great reasons to embrace the practice of holiday-inspired pajamas!

Our Sleepwear Can Create Memories

Our love for Christmas pajamas and sleepwear is more than simply making them. Family lounging and holidays can be more memorable and more enjoyable with the proper sleepwear set! We’ve gladly dedicated ourselves to making sleep and wearing pajamas a fun, ultra-cozy experience.

A pajama set for Christmas is an opportunity to create and stage a wonderful photo with your boys and with the entire family. The photos can be as adorable, cute, funny, and endearing as you like, as our selection of boys’ pajamas for the holidays will have something for every little one. Dress him in our a-moose-ing array of moose-themed pajamas with giggle-worthy graphics and puns, let your little one ‘elf’ a merry Christmas in long sleeves, or if you can ‘bearly’ pick just one—chose several pairs to create a series of photos for a Holiday photobook.

Turn our hilarious pjs photo sets into the perfect Christmas card to send to loved ones near and far. Our little boys are only little once! This is a magical time filled with wonder to be encouraged and explored, and you should take advantage of these moments while you can. Don’t end up regretting the chance to capture the magic of childhood and Christmas this year!

Just a few of the photo ideas you might love to try with our sleepwear:

• Bring out the silliest sides with flapjack pajamas, a much more informal solution to color-coordinated holiday wear, creating that Christmas vibe without having to fuss with the family to dress up.

• Head to the local mall for another traditional photo shoot with the boys in their new pjs to pose with Santa!

• Create low-light magic by incorporating some safe, low-heat LED lights in your photo. These add undeniable sparkle and that fantastic holiday glow to any family portrait.

• Take the classic holiday song ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ and turn it into a card or family memory. Dress dad up as Santa and have the boys ‘discover’ mommy kissing Santa!

• Bring the pets! Notch up your already adorable children’s holiday photos by making sure the family pet is in on it, too! Did you know we have Dog flapjack onesies, too?

• Do you have very young toddlers or even babies this year? Embrace the crying! Instead of stressing over their grumpiness and trying to make them smile, let your little ones cry if they must and embrace it. Some of the cutest family portraits come from the less-than-perfect ones. Toss in the sense of cheeky harmless humor by placing the words “joy” or “happiest time of the year” on a card with a photo. Sometimes the images that are never planned are the ones that stick with us the longest!

Have your family pose by the tree, take candid photos. At the same time, they open their gifts or let your boys snuggle into comfortable happiness every day at home during this seasonal celebration. There will no doubt be plenty of photographic moments that you will be able to capture and cherish for years to come! Creating an unforgettable moment and tradition in your children’s and family’s lives that last for years is just one of the many reasons why we adore and do what we do.

Boys Pajamas

Rambunctious and adventurous are just a few of the words often describing young boys. Putting on cloud-soft cotton pajamas not only helps prepare and settle them for bedtime. Pajamas anytime of year are part of an essential bedtime routine for our little ones, as much as it is for us, and during Christmas, all need to get a good night’s rest! Great bedtime routines give our children a sense of security and teach them how to fall asleep on their own, and allowing them to put on their favorite holiday pajamas is an excellent part of this routine.

These fun pajamas can also be a great way to encourage them to spend more time with family no matter the season. Especially important during the holidays when many of us have more time to be home with our kids. Few things are as excellent as putting on comfy pjs in the middle of the afternoon, curling up on the couch, and watching our favorite Christmas movies together. Each of our meticulously crafted boy’s pajamas is made from 100% cotton or combed cotton, ensuring the softest feel and breathability for ultimate comfort when worn all day or all night.

When it comes to pajama fabric, we always go the highest-quality route—either all-natural fabric or the industry’s best-woven materials that ensure exquisite comfort. We deeply understand that it can be as difficult for kids and adults to settle down and drift off to sleep wearing itchy, scratchy, stiff, or uncomfortable pajamas. This is why we spend so much time choosing the fabric, going over the tailoring, and making sure every set is up to our strict cozy, well-made standards.

What about the inevitable stains that can happen with boys pajamas like holiday hot chocolate and sticky candy-cane fingers? Our pajama sets are made with permanent fade-proof prints. That means you can wash his favorite pajamas over and over and never worry about his favorite bold colors and patterns or prints fading away. Like any other set, our boys’ pajamas utilize azo-free dyes, meaning we never use dyes that contain non-carcinogens recognized and regulated by the EU, protecting you or your little ones.

Create Your Family Tradition Now

You’ll find our most beloved characters available in this exclusive collection, like our charming and sleepy Bear, our loveable moose, and our precious llama, too, for example. Make them (and you) grin with our best jokes or cheesy sayings like Lights Out, Fa La La Llama, Bear Essentials, Sweet Cheeks, Bear Cheeks, Special Delivery, Moosletoe, No Peeking! Onesie flapjack and so much more.

Boys and children can also have a lot of fun having the opportunity to pick a set for themselves or help mom and dad pick a pajama set, as they can choose something uniquely theirs.

Don’t forget that one of the best reasons to make it a tradition to wear a Christmas pajama set is that it’s not just for kids! Your boys will adore seeing you pick out or wear your matching set and participate in the holiday at their enthusiastic level! Make sure you are part of the holiday magic mom and dad by getting your own, too.

We have one of the most extensive collections of matching family holiday pajamas you’ll find anywhere online today. Some of our most popular family sets for Christmas are here and ready to outfit your entire family and boys in Christmas cheer and softness. Sizes for Mom, Dad, toddler, baby, and pre-teen, one size, xs up to 3XL too to ensure every family of every size can create their Christmas pj tradition.

We have one of the widest varieties of adorable sets for boys, girls, and families that you and your kids will love wearing again and again. Long sleeve, onesie, flapjack, from size 2T up tp 12 and more! Shop this season’s most fun, Christmas cheer-packed pajamas that’ll make them, and you laugh every time (or groan at the puns!)

This season, get ready to create the joy of passing down all of the fun traditions you grew up with to your children, or begin the tradition for your family this year! Sure, it may sound corny at first, but we promise you and your kids will be delighted with their crisp, new, cloud-soft pjs and will find that they can bear-ly wait to get into them each night! Get a set for the boys, a set for yourself, a set for the whole family, or even guests! Life is too short to be spent in scratchy clothes! The holidays should be a time of unbridled laughter, silliness, and embracing the childhood wonder that comes from being surrounded by the glitter of tinsel and warmth of our loved ones—so why not go all in and wear something more comfortable?

We may be biased, but we think Christmas pajamas for all is one of the great things about the season. Easier than chopping down your own tree and making cinnamon rolls from scratch, simple to enjoy, and nobody has to break into a sweat! Let your boys lean into extraordinary comfort and enjoyment with a pair of cozy new pajamas just for them.

Whichever holiday tradition you hold dear or whichever practice you wish to begin, LazyOne will be by your side. We’d be humbled and proud to help give your family the best Christmas ever from our family to yours.

You’ll find nature woven into every aspect of what we do, from patterns, prints to ensuring we take measures to protect the great outdoors that we love so much. On top of using environmentally and human-friendly azo-free dyes, we only work with factories that use the best environmental practices. When it comes to using any hangers or hang tags, we also only use recycled materials or recyclable paper to display our fantastic products. So not only do we work hard to make the best holiday pajamas for you and your kids, we work extremely hard to ensure we’re giving back to the environment too!

Don’t miss out on getting the whole family this holiday! Our matching sets go super fast, so get yours while supplies last! Check out our other family matching Christmas pajamas!

Are you looking for something else? Do you have any questions about our collection of pajamas or any of our products? We would love to help you! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. You can contact us via our Contact Us page or call us at 1-435-554-3152. Our dedicated customer service is eager to ensure that your shopping experience goes above and beyond and is always ready to create a more accessible shopping experience."