Fox Pajamas and Gifts

Are there days when you just don’t give a fox? If you are looking for any reason to stay in bed and get your cozy on, then our fox pajamas are here to help. What could be better than getting cozy and comfy in style with your favorite woodland critter? How about having options for the entire family at the ready! With our matching fox pajamas for the whole gang, slumber time can be a wild time for everyone in your den.

The right jammies can turn any day into a good lazy day spent sans real pants. For the mama fox in the family, check out the matching women’s set with cozy pants and top to match. For the littlest cubs in your den, add some cozy to their night with rompers and jammies for all ages. No night of cuddling up in cozy style would be complete without the right footwear for your paws. In addition to our cozy fox pajamas, we also offer foxy footwear such as slippers and our signature Toasty Toez to bring the cozy up to new wildness. We even have cute hooded blankets to wrap up your little foxes in comfort sure to chill their wild side to something more subdued. Find your foxy moxie with this adorable collection for the whole gang!

When looking at our matching fox pajamas, you will notice a few things right away. Your senses are sharp like a fox after all. For starters, the colors are vibrant and fun! Why sleep in something boring when you can get foxy even when you sleep? Another thing you will notice is how unbelievably soft and cozy these PJs are as you set up for hibernation in your cozy den. Made with soft cotton and no harsh edges, these jammies are sure to be your comfort jam!

Go wild in style with this fun and foxy collection. If nothing else, these options give you an excuse to not give a fox and stay in bed all day!