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The His and Hers Collection is for the couples who want to make lasting memories together. With over ten different matching pajama sets to choose from, you’ll find the perfect style for you and your significant other. Wear these during the holidays to start a “beary” romantic tradition!

One of our most popular styles is the Classic Red Moose. These his and hers christmas pajamas have a simple, but bold red and black design with an all over moose pattern. The men’s set features a black t-shirt with red sleeves and a moose at the center chest. The relaxed bottoms are red with black moose scattered about them. This design carries over into the women’s thermal set. This collection also includes the very “cheeky” Red Classic Moose boxers, designed with a button fly and a plush backed elastic waistband.

Our Trophy Family his and hers pajamas are a hilarious option for matching couples that love the outdoors or hunting. The men’s two-piece set has a cute buck on the front with “Trophy Husband” written beneath it. It takes on a huntsman look in orange, brown, and white colors. For your “deerest,” the “Trophy Wife” set is designed in the same fashion, but in pink, brown, and white. This collection also features a pair of our button-fly boxers that read “Trophy Husband” on the back that will provide a laugh every time he puts them on!

Moose Plaid is another trendy and best-selling couples pajama set that we absolutely adore. For both the women’s and men’s PJs, the bottoms are red and black plaid with a white moose at the right hip. The top is a white and black baseball tee with a plaid moose at the center. These look so good that they can easily be worn year-round, no moosing around! Our Moose Plaid his her pajamas also include a flannel nightshirt, which buttons down the front. We also have the women’s bathrobe that has a faux sheepskin trim and fleece interior that’s “un-baah-lievably” soft!

There are many more fantastic his and her matching pajama sets in this collection outside of these selections. The best part of buying matching pajamas like these is that you can kickstart a new tradition that will be carried with you for years to come. If you have any questions about this collection, please feel free to contact us!