Mens Spring And Summer Collections

The man of the house deserves to be the boss of his own comfort, even if his wife calls the shots in all other areas. Show your man how to relax in style with our collection of men's summer and spring pajamas and beat the heat to come!

We all know winter is the perfect excuse to snuggle up with your beloved because it’s cold and you want to steal some body heat. In spring and summer, the temperatures warm up and cuddling can become downright unpleasant. With our men's summer pajamas, beat the heat in style and still get your cuddle on. From lightweight tees to the classic boxer shorts, our collection of men's spring and summer pajamas has everything he needs for the warmer months.

We love a good pun around here. Our men's spring pajamas are no exception to the rule. Is he a bit of a grumpy bear in the mornings? Then our Don’t Wake the Grumpy Bear boxers are a sure hit. Is he more of an all-around Happy Camper no matter what? Then we have a matching set just for his good-natured self! Is your man more of a Lazy Ass but you love him anyway? Then let our donkey boxers give him the kick in the rear to get in gear! Whether he is your Stud Puffin or your Bat Moose hero in the night, these men's summer pajamas are here to give him sweet dreams all season long.

Style is important, but comfort is where its really at for the man of the house. All puns aside, we take comfort seriously with 100% soft preshrunk cotton, azo-free dyes, drawstrings, and button fly openings so he can relax in comfort and great puns! Talk about a win-win situation for anyone.

When the weather heats up, don’t leave him out in the cold without the right jammies. This collection of men's spring and summer pajamas is sure to make him smile and snooze like a king all summer long!