Horse Fair Isle Collection

Do you want to gallop into sweet dreams with the coziest of pajamas? Let our Horse Fair Isle pajamas set the mood for a restful night. Whether you are looking to gallop into a night of adventure or lazy it up on the couch all weekend, the right jammies are a non-negotiable after a long day of adulting. With our Horse Fair Isle matching pajamas, run from the couch to the prairies of your dreams in style and comfort!

Do you hate boring, stiff pajamas? If you are ready to say neigh to boring PJs, our Horse Fair Isle pajamas bring bold colors and a beloved print to front of the herd so you can run wild in style. The hues of brown and blue work together to create a tranquil theme coupled with the ever-popular Fair Isle layered print for a bold take on sleepy style. The horse on the print appears to gallop full speed ahead to speak to your wild side. With this fun print, you never feel boxed into a stable as you run wild with style!

The style is only part of the appeal. These jammies are sure to be your jam because they are so comfy! Made with 100% combed cotton that is preshrunk and fade-proof, there is no denying these PJs are comfy enough to tame any wild streak. From the softness of the cotton to the way the leggings have cuffs to keep them from rolling up unexpectedly, there are so many elements of comfort here. With our Horse Fair Isle matching pajamas, make any night wild in style and comfort.

We even have extras to wrap you in head to hooves in comfort. Do you hate cold hooves when relaxing? Add a pair of cozy slipper socks to make any night better. If you are always cold, wrap up with a matching robe to complete your look. Find the perfect cozy choices right here!

If you have any questions while shopping, please race to the phone and we will gladly help in any way.