Women's Pajama Legging Sets

The age-old debate for women everywhere: are leggings real pants? While our women's PJ legging sets might not be the kind of pants you run a quick errand in (but hey, we won’t judge if you do), they are certainly comfy and cute enough to make you not even care one way or the other! If you sneak into the drive-thru line for your coffee in these cute leggings, we certainly won’t rat you out to the pants police.

We know There’s No Place Like Gnome after a long day of work or being Mama Bear, which is why you need the right PJs to help you get Yeti for Bed. When you say NaMoose Stay in bed because you would rather be Fast Asheep than Bearly Awake, these fun leggings are here to add some personality to your night. Lounging on the couch for a long weekend of Netflix and snacking? Snuggling up with the little ones for family movie night? Just looking for a comfy option to help you get beauty sleep in style? This collection of pajama leggings sets has you covered! With bright, happy colors and adorably cute critters, sleep in style perfect for your personality and life.

Girls just want to have fun? More like girls just want to have puns! We love a good pun and they are at the heart of our fun designs. Whether you are Stuck in Bed with our cactus design or you fly over the rainbow with our Unicorn PJs, these women's legging sets let you have fun that fits your sense of humor.

Looking to spread some holiday cheer this season? Check out the funny women's legging sets with a big dose of Christmas spirit for your stocking! Looking to have your Elf a Merry Little Christmas? With everything from Fa La La Llamas to reindeer, we have the perfect festive design for snoozing in holiday style.

Our leggings are fun and fashionable, with bold colors, bright patterns, and the snug-fitting comfort you love in a legging! Made from a soft and stretchy Lycra/cotton blend, the leggings have a thick waistband and drawstring for adjustable comfort. Order today to add some color to your night!