Christmas Pajamas for Toddlers

Let’s be honest: one of the best parts of the holidays is dressing our babies in adorable outfits, ESPECIALLY pajamas! We make it easier than ever for you to pick the perfect toddler Christmas PJs by offering you a wide selection of Christmas pajama sets for toddlers. Get ready to fawn over these a-deer-able options!

There’s “gnome” place like home for the holidays, and your baby will feel nice and toasty in one of our 100% combed cotton onesies. Many of our toddler Christmas PJs have cute flaps on the butt, but we have just as many that are simple, flap-less union suits. To make diaper changes easy, look for our onesies with snaps along the crotch.

You don’t need to go on a wild moose chase to find Christmas pajama sets for toddlers that are fun AND comfortable! These long-sleeve, long-leg designs will keep your baby bear warm and let them walk around safely, with holes for their feet that keep them from slipping and sliding (at least more than they normally do). There are lots of great patterns and prints, too, from plaid to cartoon animal stripes, which means that not only can you find the perfect pajamas for your baby, but maybe two or three perfect sets! Don’t let this delightful photo opportunity pass you by.

Sometimes getting our toddlers to wear pajamas can be hard, but these fun animal designs make the process a lot easier, and you can use pajama time as an opportunity to teach them about the animals they’re wearing and the sounds those animals make! Your kids will be begging to wear their moose, bear, reindeer, and llama pajamas before you know it. Plus, making pajama time a regular part of your bedtime routine can improve the quality of both you and your baby’s sleep!

Have any questions about our cute Christmas PJs for toddlers? No probllama! Head over to our Contact Us page to send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. Thanks for shopping with us this holiday season, and remember to stay cozy!