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We know you love our super soft and comfy pajamas, but there is even more to love with our cozy accessories! Our selection of kid’s accessories is sure to wrap them up in fun gifts with a comfy appeal. Do you struggle to find the right gifts for the little people on your list around the holidays? Not anymore! This collection has you covered.

What makes an accessory truly cozy? For starters, it should be soft and super touchable. It should also be fun and inspire the imagination of your little ones. Hats are a great example of coziness you can wear that is still tons of fun! With our critter caps to the rescue, keep little heads warm while upping the fun factor. These fun hats come in a range of playful styles to let their imagination run wild. Does your little one act like a yeti beast when it is time for bed? Are your children more like a pack of wild wolves than human offspring at times? Whether your little ones are wild like moose and buffalo or roar like dinosaurs, critter hats are a great gift. We even offer several of these styles with claws for their hands and feet so they can really go wild.

Another great choice for gifting cozy accessories is a stuffed friend they will love for quite some time. With critter pets ready to cuddle up to your little one, make sure they always have a sweet snuggle buddy nearby! Critter pets are soft, huggable, and always have a friendly face. Best of all, they are machine washable so your kid isn’t carrying around a stuffed unicorn or bear that gets dirty looks from the non-parents judging you. Choose from a range of options from magical unicorns to a somewhat silly moose. When you give this gift, many options come with the stuffed animal and a fun adventure book so your little one can learn more about their new friend. We also sell just books for those cozy nights cuddling up with your little one for a bedtime read.

Whether looking for the perfect Christmas gift or just a chance to spoil your little people, our selection of kid’s accessories has it all!