His and Hers Robes

The right pajamas can make any night spent in with your love cozy and comfy. The best way to finish off the cozy vibe is with cute his and hers robes. A robe helps keep you warm on colder nights and makes you extra cuddly to your other half. It is also perfect for slipping on to jump out of bed for more popcorn or snacks on movie night in with your favorite person. What could be better than cute matching couple robes? Probably nothing.

These his and hers robes come in classic colors and styles sure to help you up the cozy factor in style. When looking for an option that is always on-trend, our plaid options are the perfect cozy choice. Why go mad for plaid? Lots of reasons! Plaid patterns are timeless in their fashionable appeal so you can have that perfectly worn-in cozy robe in a few years without looking out of style. Plaid is also a year-round style that is perfect for fall and winter when you need extra coziness to cuddle up with your love. With matching robes in this classic style, cozy up to comfort and be that couple everyone is secretly jealous of on Instagram.

What sets our robes apart? We know what you want in terms of function and maximum cozy levels. Our comfortable coma-inducing robes offer 100% super-soft coral fleece for cozies you will love to sink into after a long day. With a belt loop on each side to hold the tie for a secure, snug fit and two front pockets for holding essentials like your phone, backup snacks, or just hiding your hands for extra warmth, these matching couple robes have it all.

Looking for a cozy way to snuggle up on the couch? In need of a way to keep warm when making a run to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a snack? Whatever the reason, these robes are sure to keep you cozy and comfy whenever you need them.