Wide Awake Shark Collection

Are you a bit cranky when you don’t get your sleep? Now you know how a shark feels! Sharks never have a REM cycle or experience the joys of a deep sleep like humans, and it certainly explains why they get a little bitey. With our comfy shark pajamas, take back your sleep and calm the chomp with this fearsome yet fun king of the seas!

When you are wide awake like a big, hungry shark mouth, these PJs are sure to help soothe you to sleep like the lull of the waves. For an option to make you take a bite out of restlessness, check out the men’s shirts and pants for a comfy combo to set you adrift on a sea of sweet dreams. When you need somefin comfortable and cozy for the little ones, the matching shark pajamas for kids lets them swim into peaceful rest all night long! Does your baby shark know from experience that teething bites? Give them a onesie to sink their teeth into comfort and style! Looking for a way to wrap them up to take a bite out of coziness? Then our fun shark blanket is the perfect choice for your little shark lover. From boxer shorts to tees, find all the best in shark PJs right here and take a bite out of the night!

We know you want the best in comfort. Our shark PJs are made with soft material like cotton for jammies that feel like a hug every time you put them on after a long day. We also care about the environment so we use azo-free dyes for our vibrant colors. Best of all, these jammies are easy to care for because we know you are busy. Simply throw them in the washer, remember to put them in the dryer, and enjoy them when you get home! If that doesn’t make you less bitey at the end of the day, we don’t know what else to tell you.