Mermaid Collection

What kind of bed does a mermaid sleep on? A waterbed! Every woman has a little bit of mermaid in her. Seas the night with our mermaid pajamas! Flip your fins at boring PJs and embrace your inner mermaid in style and comfort. These PJs let you take off your tail and shells and slip into something a bit comfier after a long day. After all, you were mermade for the saltwater life!

It’s time to shellebrate your seaside style! With our Sea You in the Morning collection of mermaid pajamas for adults, splash into a night of dreams in absolute comfort and style. With a beachy teal color and colorful scales any inner mermaid will instantly love, these PJs are ready for a night at sea. A woman doesn’t just wake up one day and decided she is a magical sea creature. The obsession with mermaids starts young and we have just the styles to bring your little mermaids in training in on things. Make it a shell of a night with our mermaid pajamas for kids! A matching set of pants and a tee are the perfect way to give your little one sweet dreams on the seas. For your littlest mermaid in training, our infant onesies let them make a splash in the waters of style from a young age!

We all love comfy PJs, but what makes lounging around at home a five starfish rated experience is a cozy blanket. There is more than one way to get your vitamin sea after all! With our cozy tail blanket, wrap up in your scales and flipper your way to total coziness in style. From nightshirts to blankets, we have all the essentials for mermaids as they sail into sweet dreams!

We care about the seas and the land alike with our environmentally conscious practices. With azo-free dyes and working with suppliers using environmentally sound manufacturing practices, embrace your inner mermaid and protect the planet. Talk about a win-win!