Girls Christmas PJs

Girls Christmas Pajamas & PJ Sets

Give your little sugar plum girls a sweet holiday season with our girl’s Christmas pajamas. The holidays are a time of wonder for little ones, and there is no better way to make the season brighter than with some new holiday PJs she is sure to love!

Let Her Pick her Favorite Christmas PJs

We’ve packed this collection with our best-selling, most wanted prints and designs for your princess. There’s a lot to choose from this year so if you’re unsure where to start, let’s gleefully unwrap these comfy girls’ pajama sets for Christmas together!

Special Delivery!

Though not every day is easy, we know that your little one is very special to you! Celebrate your extraordinary delivery with our sumptuously soft Special Delivery Onesie Flapjack pajamas. Ranging in size from 2T to 12, this perfect gift for your little girl showcases a riot of holiday colors from traditional green and red to soft, warm gold and festive pastel green. Details include twinkling stars and font with stamp effect reading -SPECIAL DELIVERY- on the adorable backside. Long sleeves ensure your little girl remains toasty and warm, and of course, this flapjack onesie is made from premium 100% cotton.

Bear Bum, Bear Cheeks, or just the Bear Essentials?

It’s paw-sible that not all of our sweet sugar plum girls adore waking up in the morning. If your girls remind you of grumpy little bears, or even if they are the complete opposite—cute as a teddy bear—you might find these becoming her favorite! You could say she might find wearing any other pajamas after wearing these simply un-bear-able! Our Bear Bum Onesie flapjack enfolds girls like a warm and toasty hug top to bottom. In a gorgeous and festive bright red, the pawsitively adorable flapjack displays our adorable bear character with a fun and bouncy font. Don’t worry either; the decorative flapjack is just that, decorative! It’s all sewn up for safety.

With our Bear Cheeks Onesie flapjacks, you’ll find the timeless and classic black and red plaid, a pattern that is perfect for any occasion, including Christmas! By using 100% cotton that has been combed, our Bear Cheeks Christmas set is even softer than usual, which is perfect for the little lady who adores comfy textures. These flapjack onesies provide flexible movement, and once again, no worries about the flapjack coming undone. It’s decorative!

The Bear Essentials pj set with decorative (no need to worry, it’s sewn shut!) flapjack reminds you of what’s beary important this season, family and the love of our little ones! This gorgeous sleepwear set features our faux flapjack (no need to worry about it getting snagged, it’s sewn on!) in earthy brown, cheerful red, and hints of green. Patterns of diamonds, walking bears, pine trees all on our 100% ultra-soft combed cotton.

A moose-t have Christmas Pajama

Speaking of famous characters and wonderful puns, we al-moose-t can’t contain ourselves when it comes to our next sets! Can you guess what famous character is showcased on these?

• Cabin Moose Kid’s Long Sleeve Pjs and Moose Plaid Kid’s Long Sleeve Pjs. These lovely and comfy long-sleeved sets are the ideal winter sleepwear and also for a country and cozy cottage vibe for your little girl or little girls. The Moose Plaid set comes in black and red, with ultra-soft combed cotton and 2x2 rib fabric with the timeless plaid pattern for pajama bottoms and the embroidered plaid moose on the top. Meanwhile, the Cabin Moose Kid’s long sleeve is the perfect blend of Hygge and Christmas at the cabin in the woods! Soft grey and white chevron patterns with bright red cheery moose, pluses, squares, and dots are featured on these warm leggings with matching textured red moose on the tops.

• Our Red Classic Moose Kid’s Long Sleeve pajama. Red and black go together like candy canes on Christmas trees or hot chocolate and snowy nights lit by twinkling lights. This set is famous for its warm and soft embrace, but the stylish and charming patterns of moose on the bottoms and the silhouette of moose on the shirt.

• Nordic Moose Kid’s Long Sleeve PJs. Another Hygge inspired cuddly dream for girls in a set of beautifully patterned pajamas. This classic holiday red and white design show chevrons and Denmark’s eight-pointed star with diamonds and moose galore. It’s in a striking, unique red and distinctive bright white color, with our easy to wash and fade-proof prints!

• Moosletoe Kid’s Long Sleeve Pjs. Packed with Christmas laughter and cheer, our Mossletoe Kid’s PJs captures the bright and lively colors of the holiday plant with a vibrant, lovely green and a rich and eye-catching red. Showcasing a very dapper Moose wearing his favorite scarf on the top and the same moose with his pine-tree friends for the bottoms. Expertly tailored and printed with our azo-free, exceptionally long-lasting dyes that can be easily machine washed again and again. Extraordinarily soft and delightfully funny, girls will love getting ready for bed in these!

No Peeking!

You’ll forgive our cheek—but we do love our puns! Our No Peeking Flapjack jammies feature the cutest little red-nose reindeer on the flapjack and are decorated with peeking reindeer from behind a forest of cheerful green pine trees. 100% combed cotton means your daughter will feel warm and safe, wrapped in a hug while wearing these. The flapjack is all sewn up and decorative only, too.

Sweet Cheeks Kid Christmas Onesie Flapjack

Speaking of sweetness, puns and cheeks, don’t forget to get out our Sweet Cheeks Flapjack Onesie Pajama available in 2T to 12. With smiling gingerbread cookies and delicious peppermint sweets, candy cane swirls, and deep navy blue, white, and red, this Christmas set is sure to delight the sweetest of little girls and keep them comfy and warm all night, all day, or whenever she likes!

Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas!

Sometimes the greatest gift is that of our daughter’s love, laughter, and joy. This Christmas, wrap your most precious gift in these luxuriously soft, 100% combed cotton one-of-a-kind jammies! Our Don’t Open Until Christmas Flapjack PJs are a beautiful green with red, stretchy, and comfy cuffs decorated with falling snow. A button-down front and contrasting flatlock stitch give these even more Holiday dazzle, and the decorative flapjack is all sewn up for safety!

Down Home Country or Scandinavian Snowmen?

For the old-fashioned, farmhouse family-style, look no further than our Country Stripe Pajama set. Creamy off-white with rich, deep red, and snowy-grey stripes all make for a Christmas wrapped set that is both stylish, super soft, and one your girls will adore wearing! The long sleeve shirt and long pants keep your kiddo warm, pre-shrunk means no worries about what happens in the wash, and 100% combed cotton with our long-lasting azo-free dyes means no worries of fading either!

If your girls love to build a snowman or adores the color blue, our Nordic Snowman Kid’s Long Sleeve PJ’s are going to be their bedtime delight! This Nordic design comes in a frosty pale blue. Patterns of jaunty snowmen in fancy top hats, grey and white chevrons, dashes, dots, and adorable flakes decorate these cloud-soft jammies. These perfect winter holiday pajamas will be love at frost sight! She’ll have snow much fun getting ready for bedtime or Santa while feeling warm and safe. There’s snow better pair for the girls that melt over snowmen!

Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas Kids Long Sleeve PJs

Get ready for the perfect sleepwear for the girls to take elfies in! Have your Elf a Merry Christmas is a two-piece, super cozy set. With 100% combed cotton in both top and bottom, with plenty of room for your girl to move and play or sleep comfortably. Perfectly contrasting black cuffs and red shirt show off our unique, long-lasting prints in cheerful holiday fonts, and the black and grey plaid is offset with matching red for a stylish visual.

Why We Chose Cotton For Girl’s Holiday Pajamas

When our little girls get ready for bed, they should be as comfortable as possible. Ensuring that is one of our top priorities for kids—and for parents. This is why we chose to make almost all of our girls’ sets using premium, 100% cotton, or 100% combed cotton. Cotton is a natural, soft fiber grown from the cotton plant and has been used for sleepwear and bedding for a very long time.

This is pleasant to the touch, lightweight, and breathable. Breathable fabric means air can circulate to the skin, which helps keep us and our little ones regulate temperature. Breathable cotton helps reduce sweat, is quick-drying, and uses the body’s natural cooling or heating mechanisms to evaporate and keep skin dry. Combed cotton is even more luxuriously soft than regular cotton because the cotton fibers undergo an extra step before they are made into yarn. This extra step results in a smoother, more robust fabric that is even silkier and made to withstand kids’ wear and tear and clothing.

After the carding process, fine brushes are pulled through regular cotton fibers, which pulls out shorter fibers and any impurities. This makes combed cotton fibers longer and straighter, improving the texture.

If your little girl or girls have texture issues or simply prefers the softest fabrics, you’re in luck as many of these punny pajamas are available in 100% combed cotton.

Want to Match your PJs with your Kiddos?

The memories we make between ourselves and our babies, no matter what age they may be—will last us our entire lives, ours and theirs. There is no better time than now to make them count, and one of the easiest and most fulfilling things to do is creating a family tradition that can be passed down for generations to come.

Matching your PJs with your kids is so easy to do and yet such a surprisingly deeply moving memory for all involved as time goes by. At Lazy One, we are passionate about every single aspect of our pajamas, from their very concept to their design, to the materials we use—and to the impact they can make on your sleep, comfort, and even family time. To us, it’s more than just pajamas! It’s the people who wear them and how we can help families all over the country get better rest, relaxation, and comfort with one another.

When we engage our children and family, even with something as silly as a matching PJ set that makes everyone laugh—we build the bridges of togetherness and closeness, which is one of the essential parts of not only being a family but of celebrating the holidays together.

Nearly every design you see here for your little girl is also available as a matching family set. Whether you decide you love a girl’s set that would look darling on the whole family Christmas Eve, or morning, for a photoshoot, or several sets for the entire month up to Christmas—we’ll have something for everyone! But remember, make sure you capture your dream matching set as soon as possible. The Kid’s pajamas and matching holiday sets tend to be our most popular and sell out fast.

If you’ve been searching for super cute Holiday jammies for yourself or your entire family, we’ll always have your back! But why matching sets?

• Unbelievably adorable!

• The Best Christmas Photo or Christmas card opportunity.

• Getting you, the kids, or even the Grinchiest of Grinches into the Ho-Ho-Holiday spirit.

• Begin or carry on a Family Tradition.

• Makes bedtime for little ones easier.

• Bond with your kids and each other!

Ready for matching PJs with your girls? Check out our other family matching Christmas pajamas!

Don’t forget; we have un-bear-ably cute and fantastic accessories too!

This year, are you looking to go all out for that one Christmas photo or rally the entire family into the Christmas spirit? Never fear, LazyOne is here! With our massive inventory of exclusive accessories carefully designed and curated to match our customer’s favorites from us. Everything you need to embrace your cozy Hygge, or pun-derful comfort and more awaits you in our accessories section.

Just some of the accessories you may love to match up with your girls or matching family pajamas?

• Sink-into luxuriousness bathrobes

• Fuzzy, fluffy slippers

• Oversized, huggable sleep hoodie

• Im-paw-ssibly cute and funny crew socks

• Matching Dog toys

• Nap inducing Sherpa throws

• Dad-tastic and Mom-centric aprons

• Oven mitts and hot pads

• Perfectly matching mugs for hot tea, cocoa or your morning coffee

• Note pads and Notebooks

• Men’s roomy Pajama shorts

And that’s not all of the amazing accessories that we have to offer.

Questions about any of the girl’s Christmas PJs found on this page? Do you want to know more about our matching family holiday sleepwear collections? Or do you want to know more about any of our products? Please reach out to us at any time! Our customer service representatives are happy to help!

When it comes to everything about your comfort and coziness this holiday season, from our LazyOne family to yours—we hope we can help you start a new Christmas Tradition that lasts for lifetimes.