Cute Hooded Blankets

Let your little ones run wild all throughout your home with our silly and cute hooded blankets. Featuring our comical bear, horse, unicorn, wolf, and other funny characters, these blankets are made to match our most popular pajama sets! Your kids will love feeling just like their favorite animal when they cozy up in one of these super soft hooded blankets.

With over a dozen silly animal hooded blankets to choose from, these are the creature comforts that they’ve been wanting! These hooded blankets offer a bunch of cool features like hand pockets with appliqued details and animal features that make the blankets come to life! Ears, fins, tails, and horns let your little one feel like a fierce tiger, a wise owl, or a scary monster. Best of all, you can add these to this year’s family matching jammies, so the kids can go wild in their new PJs and hooded blankets! Our cute hooded blankets will become their go-to blankie whenever that mood to get warm and cozy strikes. They make for the perfect photo opportunity when the holidays come around. Snap a shot of you, the kids, and the family pets so this year’s holiday cards are something to really roar about! Have younger nieces or nephews? Gift a few of these hooded blankets to them so that when the family gets together, all the kids can have fun dressed like their favorite creatures!

Our cute hooded blankets are made to last for all the cozy days ahead. They’re made of 100% polyester, so they’re extra warm and snuggly for cuddles on the couch or getting ready for sleepy time. They’re sized at 40” by 50”, so they’ll have enough wiggle room to romp around. Our hooded blankets are preshrunk too, so you won’t need to worry about them shrinking up in the wash. Even when a little lunch or hot cocoa get spilled on them, these blankets can be washed so they’re as good as new!

When your US order totals $75 or more, it ships free! Please contact us with any questions you have about our hooded blankets.