Why Pajamas Became So Popular During Quarantine

Why Pajamas Became So Popular During Quarantine

Posted by Lazy One on 25th May 2023

Most of us have owned a pair of pajamas or an item of sleepwear but never really gave it much more thought other than knowing it was a piece of clothing to wear when sleeping. In 2019, something happened to change the way the entire world viewed sleepwear and Pajamas—an event that changed many of our lives. The pandemic of COVID-19 meant that many of us had more time at home or to work from home more than ever due to quarantine. As we adapted to having to work using our computers, voice, and video over the internet, something else began to change as well.  

More and more of us realized that much of the wardrobes we wore daily, whether to work or day-to-day, weren’t as comfortable as they could be, and suddenly, pajamas and sleepwear of all types and sorts began overtaking social media. Wishlists became filled with PS sets and dominated the trends. More and more big clothing brands that had never bothered with sleepwear or leisure clothing began releasing collections of it.

But what was it about sleepwear and pajamas that made them so famous during quarantine and still one of the most popular clothing choices currently? Let’s dive into why comfort became and continues to be King over the last few years.


The Covid-19 pandemic changed so much of our lives, from how we shop to how we work to even how we work out. It’s also influenced and changed the way we dress. With spending so much time quarantined at home, many of us were confronted with the issues of traditional business attire, smart casual business attire, and casual business casual wear. Mainly, that issue was how the majority of these pieces of clothing were not designed to be comfortable.

Not only did we realize that much of what we wear to our employees and sometimes daily lives were uncomfortable, with the exhaustion, worry, and a second quarantine—many of us turned to surround ourselves with soothing and self-care living.

Even now, as restrictions are lowering and countries are slowly reopening, many of us have not only adapted but adjusted to working from home and have permanent WFH positions. Countless companies realize the benefits to both employees and businesses with the change of work environments.


1. Bridging the Gap Between Public and Private

Pajama pants today originated in the 19th century. Introduced to Europeans by British colonialists who returned from Asia and the Middle East, loose trousers with drawstrings meant to laze about were initially worn only by men. By the 1920s, women began getting into wearing these pajama bottoms too. By 1922, fashionable women were lounging in luxurious places or within their boudoirs in pajama bottoms of silk, cotton, or crêpe de Chine.

A new fashion started in Asia and the Middle East, worn outside, then migrated inside. Today, pajamas easily bridge the gap between our public and private lives as they can be made, styled, and designed in unlimited varieties.

There are pajama styles that look like high-fashion button-down business casual shirts and slacks, sets of nightshirts and nightgowns easily styled into day and nightdresses, and of course, the more common completely relaxed or cute and fun sorts of pajama sets associated with sleep. Materials from cotton to rare and genuine silk have been used to create these versatile PJ sets that many are now choosing purchase multiple sets for day time and sets for night time or wear them out when on errands.

2. Loungewear Outpaced Athleisure

One of the first shifts toward more and more of us wearing our pajamas day or night began when loungewear overtook athleisure sales in 2020. Athleisure was the combination of sporty clothing made with materials for strenuous activity or workouts, with a more relaxed style. Clothing such as yoga pants, sneakers, jogger pants, gym tanks, tights, shorts, and sweatpants are considered athleisure.

Loungewear, however, is all about comfort—much like sleepwear is. Loungewear is for inside and getting cozy with soft fabrics and knits that aren’t about performance but calmness and the feelings of home. With the rise of loungewear, many people began looking into other clothing options that could be as comfortable and versatile as loungewear. It was natural that pajamas would be the next to become a must-have in a quarantine wardrobe.

3. The psychological Effects of Wearing Pajamas When Working From Home

Studies and research by scientists believe there may be a connection between our clothing and the psychological effects it has on our mental well-being. A great-looking pair of pajamas that are also amazingly comfortable can help us feel good. Several other studies also found that what you wear can impact your own self-image. The image and feeling you create with the clothes you wear can help direct your behaviors and actions.

Given how high-stress it was during the pandemic, the quarantine, coupled with usual stressors when working a job, plus adjusting to everything? It is no wonder why we turned to pajamas during quarantine and continue to do so.

The main reason why pajamas became popular during quarantine and remain a popular choice is how great they feel. They can be worn and styled for virtually anything thanks to innovative design and comfortable material choices. The bottom line is many of us are turning to wear the things that make us feel good and help productivity. Life is and can be pretty stressful and more and more of us are realizing that time spent feeling restricted or uncomfortable in our clothing is time wasted. If living life in your pajamas is your jam, go for it! While it may not be for everyone, there’s no harm in embracing what makes you look and feel better, either. Like any piece of clothing, Pajamas allow you freedom and self-expression to be as unique as you are. If you’re ready to live life as cozy as possible, Lazy One is ready to help you embrace that dream!