Which is better: A Bathrobe or a Towel?

Which is better: A Bathrobe or a Towel?

Posted by Lazy One on 25th May 2023

After a long luxurious bath or shower, do you reach for a fluffy towel or a super-soft bathrobe? The question of whether to use a bathrobe or towel remains unanswered, but there are a few reasons why you might want to choose one over the other. Before you throw the towel in, let's consider both and explore some of the specifics around bathrobes to help decide the great debate: is a bathrobe better than a towel?  


A bathrobe isn't exactly clothing; it's not pajamas, but it's not quite a towel. A bathrobe itself is used for comfort and privacy, as a means to cover your body during the in-between times when you're not in regular clothes, like after getting out of the shower and toweling off then wrapping yourself in a robe.

A bathrobe has many similarities to an old-fashioned dressing gown or house coat. Bathrobes are cozy, soft flowing garments with long sleeves usually kept closed by a fabric belt. Bathrobes are probably more commonly recognized as an article of clothing worn over clothes or pajamas at home.


That depends entirely on what your bathrobe is made of. If your bathrobe is made of terry or Egyptian and Turkish cotton, you could! Their loops will pull in water when a bathrobe is designed using highly absorbent materials. If your bathrobe is made of fleece, we don't recommend it as it won't absorb moisture as well. (Though it will definitely keep you warmer and more comfortable!)

Towels were specifically created to address the need for drying off after a bath or shower. Towel materials are often highly soft and absorbent, making drying much faster and easier than waiting for the air to dry our skin. Towels are an essential first step in drying and even help with exfoliation.



Terry cloth, also known as terry cotton or terry toweling, is a fabric woven with many protruding tiny loops of thread that is excellent for absorbing large amounts of water. It's one of the reasons many towels and bathrobes are made from terry cloth. When it comes to robes made of terry cloth, you'll be hard pressed to find another fabric as great at absorbing and drying.

Many people love wrapping themselves in a terry cloth robe in the morning, at night after a shower, or simply when the weather is chilly.


If you want a robe that feels like being hugged by the warmest, softest cloud, then a fleece robe might be perfect for you! Few things bring as much comfort in the same way as a fleece robe does. Fleece is ideal for insulating your body from chilly winter weather or cooler night temperature while surrounding you with silken softness.

Fleece robes will keep you toasty warm all year round without the worry of piling. However, fleece robes are not as absorbent, so they won't work well for drying or soaking up moisture.


Please don't get too wrapped up trying to compare the two because we think they're two very different things with very different uses. When it comes down to it, what makes a towel or bathrobe better than another is the materials used, how you're using it, and your personal preference.

Bathrobes work best as a second or third step after a bath or shower or as a privacy and comfort item. There's nothing quite like coming home after a long day at work, having a luxurious bath or a long, hot shower that wipes away the day, toweling off, putting on your favorite pajamas, and then wrapping yourself in a bathrobe that feels like a warm and caring hug. Bathrobes are the ultimate for cozy lounging day or night.

Owning a bathrobe means you will always have something to slip into when regular clothes won't do it or when you need the solace of loose, fuzzy, silky soft clothing. A bathrobe also means that if you wake up and roll out of bed to chillier temperatures, you don't have to change into something warmer—you can grab your favorite soft fleece robe with sherpa trim!


Matching bathrobes might not seem like they would be worn together often, but here are some unexpected times you and your loved one can enjoy wearing matching fleece robes:

  • While getting your day started together
  • During an evening skincare and bedtime routine
  • When running out to pick up the mail or newspaper and trash bin at the end of the driveway
  • Relaxing on vacation
  • While giving yourselves an at-home couples spa day
  • Enjoying your weekend coffee inside or outside
  • When hosting or staying the night as guests at someone else's home
  • And of course, anytime you need some super soft lazy time together


Just like owning the perfect sweater, a quality towel, or the best PJs, we think having comforting items like a bathrobe is very much worth it. Investing in one of our soft, high-quality bathrobes means you own something you will love wearing day after day, night after night. A bathrobe is an affordable comfortable, luxury good that we think everyone deserves.

So, whether you want to enjoy your day off, listen to your favorite tunes, dance the robe-ot with your favorite partner in matching bathrobes, or just need something to wrap up in, we think you'll love a LazyOne bathrobe.

When it comes to drying off, a towel is best. When it comes to rest, relaxation, comfort, and warmth, reach for a bathrobe.