Things to Do in Your PJs This Valentine’s Day

Things to Do in Your PJs This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Lazy One on 14th Feb 2023

Valentine’s Day is here! Maybe you forgot to make dinner reservations, or you planned to stay in anyway. You don’t have to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday – there are plenty of ways to have a romantic day without even changing out of your pajamas. We’ve come up with a list of ten ideas that you and your Valentine can do together, all from the comfort of your home. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the person (or people) you love the most.

man wearing funny boxers holding roses behind his back hidden from woman smiling in the background

Here are some fun ideas and recommendations for coordinating pajamas that you can wear if you’re planning something at home this Valentine’s Day:

1. Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Either surprise your significant other or treat yourself to eating breakfast in bed! It’s easy to start the most romantic day of the year off right with some heart-shaped banana pancakes. Or, if you’re good in the kitchen and have a flexible morning, why not try something fancy like raspberry cheesecake French toast? And nothing says “I love you a latte” like their favorite coffee in bed.

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2. Cook Your Favorite Dinner Together

On Valentine’s Day, breakfast is all about the sweet stuff, but dinner is all about the creamy, savory stuff. Consider cooking your favorite meal together – maybe the meal you had on your very first date! You can also surprise your partner with their favorite dish if you’re looking for brownie points. Speaking of brownies…

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3. Make Their Favorite Desserts

Who needs flowers when there’s chocolate cake? Bake their favorite dessert - bonus points if you can make it in the shape of a heart! Or bake together. Find a recipe for a simple, flourless cake (it’s better than it sounds), or a decadent souffle to try something new.

Desserts can be fun for the whole family! Try your hand at homemade ice cream or make brownies with chopped strawberries inside. Even in brownie form, you can never go wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries; it’s a Valentine’s Day classic! Sugar cookies are easy for little ones to join in the fun, too. You might even end up with flour handprints on some of your pajamas - a perfect photo op!

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4. Create an At-Home Spa Experience

There’s a lot of room for creativity with this one: take a bath and do a face mask at the same time; give yourself (or have your honey give you) a massage using your favorite oils or lotions; soak your feet in bath salts and light lots of candles. It’s all about what feels best to you! If you’ve got all day, you can try a little bit of everything to really treat yourself. Plus, you can stay in your matching pajamas!

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5. Include the Kids and Make Some Crafts or Cook a Fun Meal

Include the kids in your activities and help them make cute, heart-warming crafts and Valentine’s Day cards. You can cut out handprints or have them design the cards if you want things to be extra personalized, or you can make fun Valentine-themed food!

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6. Have a Photoshoot

We’ve all seen the matching pajama family Christmas pictures, but why not switch it up and do a Valentine’s Day shoot instead? Thanks to smartphone technology, you can take great, high-quality pictures of yourselves and each other from the comfort of your living room. Grab your family some pictures in your matching Valentine’s Day pajamas and let the flashes fly!

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7. Throw an Impromptu Dance Party in Your Living Room

Another great activity to do in your living room is dancing – more specifically, a family/couple impromptu dance party! Put on all your favorite hits, and dance like no one is watching. You’ll get a great workout in and make a fun memory for you, your spouse, and your kids in the process. If you need help getting started with a playlist, we recommend “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston.

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8. Have a Game Night

If you’re feeling a little competitive, host a fun family game night with everyone’s favorite games! There are lots of options for card and board games for players of all ages, so make sure your game closet is full and start rolling those dice. You may learn something new about the people you’re playing with!

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9. Cuddle and Watch a Movie

What would Valentine’s Day be without a cute, romantic Rom-Com? Curl up with your dog, cat, or sweetheart and go to your favorite streaming service to see all the belly-laugh and tear-inducing movies available to you.

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