The LazyOne Guide to Family Matching Pajamas

The LazyOne Guide to Family Matching Pajamas

Posted by Lazy One on 14th Nov 2023

Have you seen the trend of wearing matching pajamas with your family and pets? If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to have your cozy little world rocked. If you have seen it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, it’s time to learn. Let’s take a look at all the reasons to wear matching pajamas with your family and pets!    


Listen, you never need an excuse to get comfy and cozy. The comfort and coziness of matching jammies with your brood and pooch is just an extra benefit. After a long day of adulting and mom-ing, piling on the couch in matching PJs with your spouse, little ones, and pupper is just about the best way to end the day in a cuddlefest of coziness. You can even cover yourself pretty much head to toe with cute and cozy matching attire with socks, slippers, blankets, and even headwear all while matching with your family and pooch. Talk about taking the cozy to new levels!


Do you need another reason to get in on the matching trend? The fact that this is a fun way to bond with the brood should be enough of an incentive. Whether you are snuggled up on the couch for a family movie marathon or making pancakes in the morning as a family, the bottom line is that there will be a whole lot of bonding going on and all of it will be oh so adorable in matching jammies.

Whether you are bonding with the little ones or your furbabies because you are proud of your dogmom title, the bonding is endless when you snuggle up in cozy matching pajamas together.


Everyone wants to have the perfect Instagram worthy shot of the family looking enviously adorable. Show your followers how cute and cozy your Sunday funday is with matching jammies sure to win the likes. Even if Insta isn’t your jam, there is no denying that adorable matching PJs are the perfect picture ready moment.

You can even use the pics for your family Christmas card! Whether you post it on social or just frame it and post it on an actual wall, there is no denying the cute photo ops abounding in matching jammies.


When you want to make special occasions truly special, you need to take things to the next level. The next level of cute and cozy, that is! When looking for a way to celebrate in cozy style, matching family pajamas are always a big hit.

  • Anniversary. Show off the love between you and your spouse with cute matching onesies because nothing says I love you quite like a man willingly wearing a matching onesie with his beloved for all the world to see on Insta!
  • Birthday. Celebrate the birthdays of your kids, spouse, or your doggo with matching jammies. This is a great gift they are sure to love as they snuggle up for some cuddles or pose for a few birthday pics.
  • Christmas. Is there anything more festive than matching Christmas family pajamas? The answer is no there isn’t! From cute flapjack onesies to matching thermals for the family and Fido, this is the perfect occasion for matching jammies and that perfect photo op!
  • Halloween. By Halloween, the temperatures start to drop, and you need cozy PJs to stay safe from things that go bump in the night. Matching family Halloween PJs are perfect for the little monsters in your life and the perfect excuse for a family matching look.
  • Summer vacation. Start summer off right with matching jammies as you set off on your summer family vacation. Whether you are taking the brood camping, to the beach for the week, or on some other magical adventure, there are matching family pajamas for the journey.
  • Back to school. Do you need a cute family tradition to get the kids ready for the dreaded first day of school? Are you looking for a first day of school picture that isn’t the standard morning shot of bright-eyed backpack wearing little learners? Then a night before shot of your little ones in matching jammies is a sure way to win a few likes. You can also take a morning shot of your little sleepy heads looking none too thrilled about that first early wakeup call of the school year. We gave you the idea, but you supply the cuteness and funny caption!
  • Pupperversary. Your pooch is more than a furry monster demanding food, walks, and all your attention. Your pupper is a friend for life and the heart of the family! The day your pupper came into your family should be celebrated as a pupperversary.

The anniversary of the date you brought your pooch home is the perfect time to shower them with love each year including their own matching doggy pajamas.

Any way you cut it, everything becomes a bit more fun with matching family pajamas. With all of our collections, you're sure to find a set that matches your family perfectly!