Celebrate Christmas in July with our Matching Family PJs

Celebrate Christmas in July with our Matching Family PJs

Posted by LazyOne on 16th Jun 2023

How many of you love celebrating Christmas in July with matching family Christmas pajamas? Who says we can't sprinkle a little holiday cheer into the middle of summer? A Christmas in July pajama party is a great reason to shop our collection of Christmas pajamas and get the whole family together for an evening of memory-making. After all, we cozy pajama lovers know that any time is a good time for a matching PJ party!

We’ll guide you through the process of hosting the perfect Christmas in July party this summer. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make your PJ party the ultimate success, from creating the perfect ambiance to choosing the best matching family pajamas. Soon you’ll be ready to "sleigh" the day with your exciting pajama extravaganza!

Why A Family Christmas in July is the Best Summer Holiday

So, what is "Christmas in July" all about? It's like a mini-holiday, a delightful mid-year celebration to remind us of the joy and warmth of the Christmas season. Picture this: the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and everyone's sporting their shades and flip-flops. But amidst all those summery vibes, we're gathering our loved ones for some fantastic, Christmas-themed fun. It's the perfect excuse to throw a pajama party that'll leave lasting memories for the whole family!

Setting the Christmas in July Scene

Now, let's really get into the theme with some ideas on how to set the scene for an unforgettable Christmas in July pajama party. Twinkling lights or patio lights are a must. Hanging some twinkling fairy lights inside or around your backyard can help create a magical ambiance for your evening get-together. If you have a pool, consider decorating it with reindeer inflatable snow tubes, inflatable snowmen, or white, red, and green beach balls! Play some of your favorite Christmas tunes and you can even put on your favorite holiday movies to watch during the festivities. Trust us; the comforting combination of Christmas and pajama party vibes will create memories that your family will cherish for years to come!

Christmas in July Party Games and Activities

  1. Plan a Summer Snowball Fight with rolled up socks or fake snowballs
  2. Get teams together for a round of Christmas Family Feud
  3. Pair up and put on a set of inflatable antlers for Reindeer Ring Toss
  4. Create a DIY Ornament-Making Station for little ones to make as keepsakes

Embracing the Joy of Matching Pajamas

With holiday pajamas from LazyOne, the whole family can jingle all the way to summer in some seriously festive patterns that are sure to make Santa jealous! If you thought these were only for December, think again. By celebrating Christmas in July, you have another fantastic opportunity to showcase your family's spirit and style with coordinating jammies that are just as adorable as they are comfy. Create some mid-year magic at your party by having everyone show up in their favorite Christmas PJs just like they do on Christmas morning.

With our holiday pajamas, every member of the family can choose from a variety of styles like comfortable leggings and nightshirts, even tank and short sets in fun designs like our Lights Out matching Christmas pajamas. When you see your entire family wearing the same festive prints, it's like an unspoken bond that says, "We're a family, and we're here to spread some love and joy, no matter the season!" It's not just for Christmas day – you can rock these pajamas all summer long, creating cherished moments and photo ops along the way.

family of six in matching Christmas pajamas standing on the beach in front of a surf board

Speaking of photos, can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer cuteness overload of a family in matching pajamas? Whether you're posing together under the sun, lounging on hammocks, or building sandcastles at the beach, these pictures will be forever treasured. Imagine sharing those snapshots with friends and family on social media – their hearts will melt at the sight of your cheerful crew, embracing the holiday spirit at the most unexpected time of year. You'll likely inspire others to join in on the fun and create their own Christmas in July traditions as well!

Summer Holiday Matching Pajamas

The key to a successful Christmas in July pajama party is, of course, the pajamas themselves. You want designs that capture the essence of Christmas while being comfortable enough for those warm summer nights. At LazyOne, we offer a wide range of stylish and cozy options for the entire family. From our “beary” cozy classic plaid patterns to “a-deer-able” holiday motifs, you'll find the perfect set to suit your family's unique style. All of our pajamas are crafted with soft, 100% combed cotton that ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to lounge, play, and enjoy every moment of your family's Christmas in July celebration.

Check out our complete selection of matching holiday pajamas and Christmas PJs as well as our women's Christmas pajamas and PJ sets – you’re sure to find something that the whole family will love!

Wrap Up Some Mid-Year Magic

Give small gifts for each other or plan a Secret Santa gift exchange ahead of time. It's an opportunity to bring the joy, love, and coziness of the holiday season into the heart of summer, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Remember, it's not just about the pajamas; it's about the togetherness and the laughter shared with your loved ones. 

There you have it, pajama enthusiasts – our guide to celebrating "Christmas in July" with matching family Christmas pajamas. So grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and flip-flops, slip into your cozy matching pajamas, and let the holly jolly magic begin! We wish you all a summer season filled with love, laughter, and festive family pajama parties. Cheers to making every day a cozy celebration, no matter the time of year!