Sleep Hoodies - Amazing Comfort

Sleep Hoodies - Amazing Comfort

Posted by Lazy One on 25th May 2023

It is one of the most popular clothing styles available worldwide today and perfect for all ages. If you’re curious about what we’re talking about, we’re speaking about the timeless hoodie. Hoodies, typically made from a cotton jersey, features drawstrings, the marsupial-inspired pouch, and the essential element that gave them their moniker: the hood.    

Hoodies as clothing have long been an effortless way to look casual-chic stylish, and super comfortable at the same time, becoming an everyday wash-and-wear part of wardrobes from freelancers to CEOs. They’re one of the few pieces of clothing we wear that are as fun as they are functional. And that got us thinking—why not a sleep hoodie?

Let’s take a look at everything hoodie and why sleep hoodies are a cozy must-have for your nighttime wardrobe!


According to some historian design curators, the ancestor of today’s modern hoodie probably began with the ancient Greeks and Romans and eventually evolved into hooded garments worn by medieval monks. By the 17th century, women started wearing hoods on outer clothes to protect from the elements or keep them out of the son.

It wasn’t until roughly the 1930s that a knitting company invented the modern-day hoodie to help warehouse laborers in upstate New York stay warm during frigid winters. From there, it was soon adopted by other workmen and women, then athletes, and eventually ended up everywhere. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the hoodie had its spotlight in fashion. Hip-hop was rising in urban centers across the United States, American universities began using sweatshirts to showcase logos and crests.

Then, in 1976, a legendary film about a particular Boxer, with the working-class hero jogging up steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in an iconic grey hooded jumper, did the hoodie truly become a fashion staple worldwide.


What is it about the hoodie that has made it such an American and global fashion phenomenon, so much so that we’ve made it part of our nighttime, lounging, pajama comfort lifestyle?


With the perfect blend of 80% premium, ultra-soft cotton, and 20% polyester, our sleep hoodies are like wearing a comforting, warming hug. Anytime the temperatures are lower than usual, a sleep hoodie isn’t just beneficial to keep warm at night, but something warm enough to wear even during the day. Our sleep hoodies are longer than your average hoodies you might find elsewhere, too, meaning they provide warmth in more places! Additionally, if you find your hands cold, you can tuck them into the sleep hoodies sleeves thanks to our thoughtful thumb holes built into the sleeves, then plunge them into the large kangaroo pocket.

Last but never least, you can pull the hoodie over your head, allowing it to completely engulf your entire body in a wave of snuggly warmth.

Comforting to Wear

Sleep hoodies are soft, warm, and lightweight. They enfold you almost like a warm hug, making you feel comfortable wearing them, especially at home. It’s like a wearable comforting blanket on top of you. It’s also comforting to wear outside when heading for a walk and can be worn even as casual daily wear for the days you need that extra, ultra-cozy feeling. We design our sleep hoodies to be airy and loose, too, so that nothing is tight or uncomfortable against the skin. With a sleep hoodie, you never feel like your movement is restricted.


With our sleep hoodies, you can easily pair them with any of your favorite LazyOne pajamas, nightshirts, onesies, or footwear. Featuring our “moose’t” popular color stories and patterns with a hint of our fun and cheeky humor, they are made to pair with your other favorite LazyOne designs seamlessly. Wear your luxuriously soft Fuzzy Feet slippers, cozy Flapjack Onesies, Cabin Moose Legging pajama set, and more, easily with our sleep hoodies.

Need to slip out of the house for a quick errand but don’t want to give up the coziness of a sleep hoodie? Slip on some comfy jeans, or khakis, any pair of leggings, and feel free to go. Whether you decide to wear your sneakers, slippers, or boots, our sleep hoodies perfectly pair with each.


Sleep hoodies are a must-have for those in love with being comfortable at all times, wanting a versatile look, and love the warm coziness of airy sleepwear that can be turned into daywear at a moment’s notice.

When designing our sleep hoodies, we knew how critical it was to create them with the same meticulous thought and care we make all of our sleepwear and accessories that you’ve come to know and love with LazyOne. It’s why our sleep hoodies showcase the perfect blend of premium cotton and polyester. We wanted our hoodies to be stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting so that you’ll adore wearing your sleep hoodie for a very long time.

Sleep hoodies are perfect for women of all ages, as there’s no age limit to comfiness and a cuddle-soft choice to wear all year round. At LazyOne, we believe there’s absolutely no shame in embracing taking it more accessible and enjoying the sensation of soft, comforting clothing night or day. Plus, our sleep selection of Sleep Hoodies means you don’t have to settle for, well, plain or boring looking sleep hoodies—no need to give up your sense of humor, fun, and personal style just for the ultimate in soft sleepwear!

With our dedication to bringing fun, stylish, and super comfy with superior quality fabrics, we think the sleep hoodie is a must-have for your next movie night, lazy day, nighttime, or any day! If you’ve been on the fence about adding a sleep-hoodie to your essential wardrobe, we hope we’ve helped you make your decision! And of course, if you’re ‘bearly’ able to contain your excitement for one, we’d love to help!