Our Favorite Recipes for Christmas!

Our Favorite Recipes for Christmas!

Posted by Lazy One on 16th May 2023

The holidays are the perfect time for indulging and that means eating! Christmas is the perfect excuse to try a delicious new cookie recipe or whip up a savory breakfast for Christmas morning after presents are opened and appetites are roaring. Luckily for you, we have compiled the 8 best Christmas recipes for the sweet tooth fanatic of the season as well as a few ideas for a special Christmas morning breakfast.  


When it comes to the best Christmas recipes, a creamy hot cocoa just has to be on the list. This sweet treat is always a welcomed addition to any chilly night and with this slow cooker recipe, you can start it in the morning and enjoy it at the end of a wintery day curled up in warm and cozy Christmas Pajamas! Hot cocoa is a classic and no Christmas should be without this sweet drink.


We all love the classic and cozy drink of hot chocolate, but that isn’t enough for some people. Some people feel the need to spruce things up and take their hot cocoa to the next level, and that’s exactly what this recipe does. We aren’t complaining and you won’t be either once you taste this super festive mug of sweetness.


We all know fudge is a classic Christmas time treat and gingerbread cookies are a staple, but what do you get when you mix the two together? A new Christmas classic sure to please! This sweet treat brings together two beloved holiday desserts for a winning combo even your Nana will devour.


While we know taste is the main focus of any recipe, they need to look good as well, especially around the holidays when you have cookie exchange parties and want to be the hostess with the mostest – most Christmas spirit, that is. These pretty candy cane cookies are always a hit with both the taste buds and the eyes.


You can’t have a holiday list of sweet treats without a classic chocolate cookie. This recipe takes it to the next level times two since it’s a triple chocolate cookie bonanza sure to please the most hardcore chocolate fans with just one bite. This chocolatey delight is perfect to break up the sugar cookie-shortbread cookie-sugar cookie cycle with something new.


All the sweets are great, but you can’t really have cookies and candy for breakfast. This doesn’t mean you need to abandon all sweetness on Christmas morning. This tasty and easy eggnog pancake recipe is perfect for Christmas morning as a present for your taste buds. Add this festive favorite to your big morning and make some lasting memories with a bit of eggnog the whole family can enjoy.


Image by: jocooks.com

Christmas is a sugar coated holiday, but after all those sweets you will need some real sustenance. Bacon is the way to soak up all that sugar on the big morning. This breakfast ring has everything you need to recover from playing Santa the night before with that plate of cookies. Get in on the goods with the classic combo of bacon, egg, and cheese wrapped in a delicious flaky crust.