Ideas for a Ladies Wine Night In Jammies

Ideas for a Ladies Wine Night In Jammies

Posted by Lazy One on 26th May 2023

Let us know if this sounds familiar to you: the laundry has gotten away from you, and you’ve just spent the entire day washing, drying, ironing, and folding. You’ve had to field six different calls about six other things dealing with everything from work, bills, payments, appointments, and schedule. The dog or cat may have had an accident. Maybe your toddler is having a rough day and refused to cooperate with anything, and the baby hasn’t been sleeping well.
You need your bestie and a glass or two of wine in the most comfortable pajamas and to laugh and cry and laugh again.

What if you just want to throw a fun little party to celebrate and relax but don’t have any ideas?
If any of that sounds familiar, and you don’t know where to start for a giggly, relaxing ladies wine night in jammies? We’ve got you, LazyOne family!


There’s nothing like enjoying a night of indulgent fun, so why not throw an indulgent party with wine and pajamas for yourself, friends, or friends? Some ideas for indulgence night activities can be:

  • Favorite romance movies
  • Gossip podcasts
  • Looking at the latest fashions
  • Re-runs of your favorite TV shows
  • Junk food favorites
  • Take out or fast food favorites
  • Cards or karaoke
  • Everyone must wear their Pajamas!


For indulgence night, make sure the girls wear and bring their most comfy pajamas. There’s no shame in the pajama game here! Let the ladies come over in their favorite women’s legging PJs, Flapjack onesies, Time To Wine Down Nightshirt, or beach-themed tank and shorts pajamas.


Indulgence night is a magical night where calories don’t count, and everything is good for you! Go ahead and order some of your favorite fast foods, or indulge in some fantastic nachos. Ask everyone to bring their favorite indulgence treat and create a spread of decadent chocolate iced cupcakes, candies, potato chips, and fondues of savory or sweet.
Create some mini-slider burgers or old-school pigs in a blanket for an easy favorite.


If you have the budget and want to indulge both your sweet tooth and enjoy some uncommon wines, consider some delectable peach and plum wine cocktails! These are fun, colorful cocktails utilizing Japanese fruit liqueurs that mix peach and plum wines' sweet and sour flavors for a memorable drink flavor.

  1. Momoshu and Ichigo
    • 1 oz vodka of choice
    • 1 oz momoshu peach wine
    • ½ oz strawberry liqueur
    • Single dash of lime juice
    • 1 yuzu peel

Of course, for something a little less unusual but just as perfect, you could make Strawberry Wine Punch! Perfect for the girls that adore their Strawberry Daiquiris and easy to make!

  1. Strawberry Wine Punch
    • Moscato Wine
    • Premade Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
    • Sprite or lemon/lime soda
    • Fresh strawberries for garnish

How to:
Mix the wine and the daiquiri mix in a pitcher, fill with soda and mix well. Serve it with or over ice if you wish, and garnish with a fresh strawberry on the edge of the glass or within the glass itself. Easy peasy!


You don’t need to spend a lot to have an amazing ladies wine and jammies night! You can make fantastic wine, jammies, and DIY spa nights with a bit of creativity.
Encourage your friends to wear jammies that are their most comfortable, and bring a fantastic bathrobe for that spa feel. Next, encourage the ladies to get their favorite products like masks, nail polish, creams, scrubs, manicure tools, and lotions.

Or, for the limited budget girl that still wants to treat their friends? There are many surprisingly fantastic beauty items roughly at a dollar available from discount stores that can make for a beautiful spa night, including masks, creams, spa slippers, lotions, body sprays, polishes, and more.


  • Get a playlist ready. Help set the relaxing mood of the spa with a soundtrack to soothe and relax. Nature sounds, zen music, flute or water sounds, rain sounds, or meditative singing bowls all work to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Get your supplies. If you’re hosting and supplying, gather some spa supplies for your girlfriends. Disposable nail files, masks, cotton balls, polishes, polish removers, facial and body lotions, and sprays.
  • Mood setting. If you have any calming incense or essential oils, spray, sprinkle or put some in your essential oil diffuser with calming scents like lavender, jasmine, rosemary, vanilla, clary sage, lemon, cinnamon, mint, rose, or chamomile, for example.
  • Candles! You don’t need scented or expensive candles for the lovely, relaxed ambiance candles hold. Make sure you have sturdy, safe candle holders that are nonflammable, and make sure to place your candles in a safe spot where you’ll always be within eyesight of it. Tea lights and candles are often inexpensive in discount stores, so go nuts with them for that perfect spa ambiance.


  • For dry wines, consider Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay.
  • For sweeter wines, consider Port wines, Zinfandel, Moscato, Riesling, Sweet Sherry.

Ladies wine night in jammies is a fantastic way to set aside the busyness and stress of life, helping us reconnect with friendships and just relax. Whether it’s a girl’s night or a slumber party, you’re never too old to enjoy the company of friends and recapture those moments of fun, freedom, and moments that create new, fond memories.    

At LazyOne, we’d love to help you create the perfect ladies wine night in jammies by providing you and your friends the ultimate in cozy pajamas perfect for whatever you’ll do. In today’s fast-moving world, spending time with those you love is essential, and we want to help you recapture those carefree moments of relaxing, laughing, and building friendships to last a lifetime.