Outdoor-Inspired Funny Kids Pajamas

Outdoor-Inspired Funny Kids Pajamas

Posted by LazyOne on 7th Sep 2023

Ah, bedtime – that magical time of night when parents around the world breathe a sigh of relief after coaxing their little ones into settling down for the evening. It’s not always an easy feat, which is why we’re here to let you in on a little secret; with funny kids pajamas from LazyOne, you can easily add an element of adventure to your child's nighttime routine! We have a wide range of jammies to choose from, but today we’d like to highlight some of our favorite options from our outdoor-themed collections. We’ll share some “a-deer-able” wilderness-inspired matching kids PJ sets, including some best-selling selections from the Mountain Bear and Happy Camper collections. Trust us – these pajamas are the perfect way to get your kids excited to cozy up for bedtime, even during summer break!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Funny Kids Pajamas

Here at LazyOne, we proudly offer a “beary” impressive range of kids' pajamas, each combining comfort, creativity, and adventure into one stylish look. With various collections inspired by the outdoors, including themes like camping, fishing, lakeside retreats, and more, these pajamas ignite the imagination and make bedtime an exciting experience. Made from soft and cozy fabric blends, our kids' pajamas always ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

Whether your child dreams of exploring nature, embarking on fishing adventures, or simply enjoying the magic of the great outdoors, our comfy pajamas provide the perfect attire for cozy nights. Let’s take a look at some of our outdoor-themed collections that feature adorable options for your little adventurers:

  1. Mountain Bear Family Matching Pajamas
    Experience the rugged charm of the great outdoors with our Mountain Bear pajama collection! These cozy jammies feature adorable bear prints against a mountainous backdrop, evoking a sense of adventure and wilderness. Made from a soft and breathable fabric blend, the Mountain Bear collection ensures a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Whether your little one dreams of hiking through majestic mountains or snuggling up in a cozy cabin, these pajamas will bring the spirit of the wilderness to their bedtime routine. So elevate your child’s bedtime with these PJS – you’ll “bearly” believe how quickly they’ll fall asleep!
  2. S’more Sleep Collection
    Get ready for sweet dreams and cozy nights with the S'more Sleep pajama collection! Inspired by the delicious campfire treat, these jammies feature a delicious display of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Your mouth will be watering just by looking at them! Whether your child dreams of toasting marshmallows or sharing campfire stories, these pajamas will ignite their imagination and make bedtime a true outdoor adventure. Once your kiddo tries out their first pair, they’re sure to be begging for “s’more” LazyOne PJs!
  3. Happy Camper Family Matching Pajama Collection
    Ready to embrace the spirit of outdoor exploration? Our Happy Camper pajama collection is the perfect fit!

    These delightful pajamas are inspired by the joy and wonder of camping adventures. With charming designs of tents, campfires, and forest critters, these pajamas will transport your little ones to a whimsical camping retreat every night. Crafted from a soft and cozy fabric blend, the Happy Camper collection makes staying cool and cozy a breeze. Camp in your backyard Bring your paw mitts and slippers, hooded blankets, and stuffies for fun memories. Then ignite sweet dreams of roasting marshmallows or stargazing under the night sky with these pajamas, and make bedtime a magical camping experience they'll cherish for years to come.

  4. Asleep At The Reel Collection
    Dive into the fantastic world of fishing with our adorable Asleep At The Reel collection! Designed for little anglers in training, these pajamas feature playful prints of fishing reels and various fish, bringing the excitement of the outdoor activity right to bedtime. Made from a soft and comfortable fabric blend, these jammies ensure a cozy and peaceful slumber. With pajamas from this collection, your child can drift off to sleep while envisioning epic fishing adventures, while waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day's agenda.
  5. Lake It Easy Pajamas
    Introducing the "Lake It Easy" pajama collection—a perfect blend of comfort and adventure for your little ones! 

    Inspired by tranquil lakeside getaways, these pajamas feature charming designs of fishing lures, boats, and friendly wildlife, setting the scene for a relaxing bedtime routine. Crafted from a soft and breathable cotton blend, the "Lake It Easy" collection offers a cozy fit, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Whether your child dreams of casting lines or exploring nature's wonders, these matching kids pj sets will transport them to a serene lakeside retreat, making bedtime a delightful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Shop LazyOne For Wild, Outdoorsy Summer Pajamas

Our selection of funny kid’s pajamas includes adorable options that are perfect for a variety of exciting activities. From sleepovers with friends to family camping trips, these jammies can take your kiddos wherever they need to go! If you’re looking for some summertime inspiration, check out our resource articles. Posts like How to Plan the Purr-fect Sleepover for Your Kids and 5 Helpful Ideas for a Fun Family Camp! are full of helpful information for planning fun family activities!

Whether your kids are exploring the forest, hanging out at the lake, or casting their line for the big one, our wilderness-themed pajamas will spark their imagination and make bedtime an exciting experience. So why settle for ordinary pajamas when you can bring the great outdoors to bedtime? Embrace the magic of outdoor-themed pajamas, and let your child's dreams take flight!