6 Fun Easter Basket Ideas from LazyOne

6 Fun Easter Basket Ideas from LazyOne

Posted by LazyOne on 22nd Mar 2024

Easter is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about those delightful Easter baskets! While the traditional basket filled with chocolates and candies is always a hit, why not switch things up this year by making your basket with Easter pajamas and accessories? Enter LazyOne – your one-stop shop for cozy and quirky pajamas, slippers, socks, keychains, and other accessories that make for “egg-ceptional” Easter basket goodies!

Build an Easter Basket with Cozy PJs and Cute Accessories

Let's dive into some themed Easter basket ideas that are sure to delight kids and adults alike.

1."Cozy Bunny" Basket

For the ultimate in comfort and cuteness, fill your basket with our adorable matching Some Bunny Easter pajamas, complete with corresponding bunny slippers. Add in some cozy bunny socks and a bunny keychain for an extra “hoppy” touch. This basket is perfect for snuggling up on Easter morning and enjoying a leisurely day with loved ones!

2."Wilderness Explorer" Basket

Does your little one love to explore the great outdoors? Then they'll love a basket filled with our wilderness-themed pajamas featuring bears, moose, and other woodland creatures. Pair these PJs with cozy cabin socks from our collection of footwear and a bear keychain for a charming Easter surprise. Add one of our bear or moose critter pets to really tie the whole basket together! No matter where they're off to next, make sure that when they come home to rest they can sleep well in some great outdoor adventures pajamas.

3."Magical Unicorn" Basket

Unicorns are all the rage, and LazyOne has got you covered with enchanting unicorn-themed pajamas and matching slippers. Our unicorn mommy and me pajamas feature an adorable unicorn and rainbow design! Add in some sparkly unicorn socks (for adults or kids!) for a dash of whimsy that's sure to make Easter morning magical. For some extra magical memories, get our unicorn kid’s hooded blanket that is sure to make your little one smile!

4."The Cat's Pajamas" Basket

You have to admit, this theme is pretty "purr"fect if one of your kiddos would love a basket filled with cat-themed goodies. We have a few pajamas featuring adorable feline designs, with cat pajamas for both adults and kids, so the whole family can get in on the fun! Complete the ensemble with a scratch pad blue cat notepad, cat-patterned socks, or a cat kid’s hooded blanket for a delightful Easter surprise.

5."Dino-mite" Basket

Transport your little one back to the Jurassic era with dinosaur-themed pajamas from LazyOne. Our Tail Bone kid dinosaur flapjack onesie is great for any dino-loving kid! Pair them with cozy dinosaur slippers, dino-print socks, and a dino kid and adult critter cap for a roaringly fun Easter basket that's sure to be dino-mite!

6."Farmyard Friends" Basket

For the animal lover who adores all creatures great and small, fill their basket with our farmyard-themed pajamas featuring cows, pigs, and horses. Check out options from our collection of Moody Cow Pajamas and Gifts, or explore some options from our Hogs and Kisses matching pajamas. Complete the look with farm animal slippers, barnyard socks, and a cute animal mug for an Easter surprise that's sure to make them smile!

Hoppy Surprises Await with LazyOne's Cozy Creations

Whether you're shopping for kids or adults, our fun and cozy Easter pajamas, slippers, socks, keychains, and accessories are sure to make this Easter a memorable one. So, hop to it and start filling those baskets with Easter goodies that are as unique and delightful as the ones you love!