Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by Lazy One on 16th May 2023

Spread holiday cheer without adding stress to your Christmas list. If the thought of finding new Christmas gift ideas makes you want to hibernate the season away until spring, let our suggestions put you back on the nice list.


As far as Christmas gift ideas go, you can’t beat something cozy and soft to help you sleigh gift giving. A flannel nightshirt is the perfect choice for those loved ones who love to get festive sans pants. The flannel aspect helps keep them warm on chilly nights by the tree.

This is a gift perfect for any woman on your list. You can also splurge and buy one for yourself while you are shopping because the gift giving season extends to the buyer, right? In all seriousness, this is a thoughtful gift sure to get anyone off the naughty list of cheesy gifts.


The perfect merge between one of the most popular styles of clothing—the hoodie—and the world's most comfortable clothing, sleepwear, there's everything to love about sleep hoodies! Longer than your average hoodie, our sleep hoodies are made to be curled up in and around you like a warm, soft hug. Perfectly acceptable to wear during the day or snuggle into the blankets at night, too!


Your furry family members need some holiday love too! Not only will many of these patterns help your dogs match with whatever Christmas family matching pictures that you have planned for the season, these pet products are a perfect way to show your loyal companions how much you appreciate them!

Made with 100% combed cotton, you'll really love the way these feel.


Some of the best Christmas gift ideas are the ones that make the holiday a little less stressful. Books are a tradition in some countries where the holiday is spent reading books and eating cookies.

What could be cozier than that relaxing tradition on a cold winter night? These children's books are also great because they inspire your little monsters to sit quietly for a few hours instead of running wild like elves in a busy workshop.


Times have changed. Socks aren’t just a gift your Grannie gives anymore.

With so many fun sock designs with funny sayings available, socks have become the cool gift some secretly and not so secretly want under their tree. Keep their toes toasty with socks and be the best secret Santa this year.


Make it even easier for them to dream of sugarplums and sweet winter dreams with a sleeping mask.

A sleep mask promises a night of sleep that is stylish and comfy with a bit of added sass. From funny sayings to classic plaid fit for the season, there is a mask style for anyone on your nice list with this gift.


Let your little ones run wild all throughout your home with our silly and cute hooded blankets. Featuring our comical bear, horse, unicorn, wolf, and other funny characters, these blankets are made to match our most popular pajama sets!

Your kids will love feeling just like their favorite animal when they cozy up in one of these super soft hooded blankets.


For the man in your life, give him a pair of boxers sure to make any night merry.

Your special someone needs a pair of funny boxers with as much personality as him so go for something comical and bold. He'll be merry for sure this Christmas with funny boxers under the tree.


Unleash your kid's imaginations this Christmas with some Paw Mitts and Paw Slippers!

You can even add a Critter Cap and really get the "wild rumpus" going! With our very popular black bear, yeti, dinosaur, and many more designs, you can really get a gift that will please!


When looking for a cheeky gift for your whole family, getting some super comfy matching pajamas is the bun – we mean, one – to beat.

These comfy and cozy PJ gifts are perfect for those cold nights of winter when you want to stay warm while taking care of business. Best of all, these matching Christmas pajamas come in a range of sizes for the whole family so you can beat ol’ Saint Nick at his own game with jammies for the whole gang this Christmas.