Best Ways to Accessorize Your Dog During The Summer!

Best Ways to Accessorize Your Dog During The Summer!

Posted by Lazy One on 25th May 2023

Oh, these lazy, hazy days of summer! The heat has truly moved in for many of us, with temperatures soaring and sunny days seemingly endless. While the heat is rising, many of us finally get to enjoy the warmer weather and lifted restrictions by getting outside and embracing many activities we may have been missing due to circumstances or social distancing.

When it comes to our fur babies, especially our social puppies of all ages, both fur-parent and fur-kid might be very excited to get back to exploring the outdoors. Trips to the beach, long hikes, picturesque picnics, returning to their favorite dog parks or nature trails, there’s no shortage now of fun summer activities for you and your dog.

Yet, with all the potential fun in the sun, swimming and snacking, playing and running—there are a few great ways to accessorize your dog during the summer that may help them and you. If you’re curious about the best way to accessorize your dog during the summer, we’ve got some fantastic tips for all our fur parents!


Dog onesies are adorable, but do they seem like a costume, a luxury item, or maybe just something to keep a dog warm in the winter? What kind of dog would need a onesie outfit in the summer? There are a few surprisingly great reasons why an owner should consider owning a few Dog Flapjack Onesies to accessorize their dog during the summer.

  1. Shedding
    In the early Spring and Summer as you approach hot weather, wearing a Flapjack can help catch some of the fur that is constantly being shed by most dogs who've grown a winter coat. It doesn't stop the shedding, but might help postpone the constant drifts of fur so that you can brush them in a more controlled setting. I mean, lets face it, even if it reduced the amount of hair you're having to clean up is a huge relief!
  2. Comforting Onesie Hug
    Is your pup a poor shivering mess during a thunderstorm, or stressful situations, such as fireworks or travel? Not every pup is an outgoing type, and some need us to hold them close. Many pet parents and experts agree that a snug-fitting piece of clothing like a onesie can help promote calmness and soothe poor doggies’ nerves.
  3. Dogs Can Be Sunburned!
    It’s easy to assume that our dogs, covered in fur as they are (most breeds, anyway) and once being wild, don’t really need any sun protection. Unfortunately, that’s not true for some breeds of dogs. If your fur-baby has short hair, they may need from sun protection just as we do. particularly if you are at the beach or some other very sunny place. There are dog friendly sunscreens, and that is still important for areas that are uncovered like the belly area, feet and face. That being said, to help reduce the amount of sunblock you need to use, a covering article of clothing will make sense.

Types of dogs most at risk:

Just as fair skinned humans are more at risk, light colored dogs are more likely to be sunburned.

Some breeds of dog are at higher risk because of their thin fur coats including
• American Staffordshire Terrier
• Boxer
• Chinese Crested
• Dalmatian
• Greyhound
• Weimaraner
• Whippet

Consider getting a Onesie to keep some of the sunshine from your dogs’ skin, along with a good doggy sunscreen. For more information, check out this article: Sunburn and Dogs


Ah, the iconic dog bandana! First, is there any better way to make your dog look even cuter than they already are? Second, there are so many colors and patterns, they are a great way to match your pup’s personality or match with a holiday, theme, and even what doggies’ mom or dad are wearing!

Many of these precious pup bandanas are reversible as well, meaning that you and your dog get two stylish looks for the price of one as an owner.

But did you know other reasons for having your dog wear a bandana outside of how amazing they look? That is right, you can use them to keep your fur-baby cool. If you’ve got a hot dog on your hands, which is usually the case when outside, it’s important to keep them cool. As well as carrying water with you, a dog bandana can be soaked in cold water, helping keep your dog cooler and avoiding the risk of overheating, as dogs can’t regulate their temperatures the same way we do.

Are you ready to protect and accessorize your dog this summer? LazyOne is here to help you get your fur babies everything they need to look and feel great for the season! We hope you and your pup will love these ideas and tips! Check out this link for all of our Pet Products!