A-maize-ing Fall Pajamas For Everyone!

A-maize-ing Fall Pajamas For Everyone!

Posted by Lazy One on 28th Apr 2023

We can get a little a-corny around here with our Fall pajamas, but they’re perfect for being comfortable and warm while soaking up the autumn ambiance. Autumn is the ideal time for being wrapped in soft, warm pajamas! After all, how could we leaf them in the drawer this season?

There’s no better way to create endless memories than having family fun in a pair of pajamas from one of our seasonal collections for Fall pajamas! Need some ideas on how to make some memories with our pajamas? We've got you, with new flannel and festive PJ sets that are positively gourd-geous!


Autumn leaves are one of the most iconic indications of the season of pumpkins and spice. Nothing says Fall like the vibrant colors of leaves. Let yourself and your kids play with heaps of leaves while you get creative in capturing the fun in photos. What would a Fall-themed family memory be without a big ol' pile of leaves to fall into?

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After a long day of outdoor play in the crisp autumn air, you’re sure to want some cozy, warm pajamas to come home to! Our gorgeous Fall Collections have a wide range of matching family pajamas to make moments with your loved ones that will surely lead to apple-y ever after.


Dress up your pun-kins, big or small, whether bedtime or leaf time, with our a-maize-ing Fall Into Bed family matching pajamas set. We've got an entirely pun-derful line for mom, dad, kids, and even a Fall Into Bed infant onesie flapjack sure to make everyone say awwwwwwtumn!

Fall into Bed
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This set is pumpkin spice-tacular with its gorgeous complementary fall colors and retro feel with vintage truck and pumpkin patterns. With contrasting trim at the neck and sleeves and roomy yet slightly tapered legs, not only will moms adore just how cozy these are, we bet our autumn dollars the kids will love wearing them too!

What else can you do to make the bear-y best autumn memories in fall pjs this season?

Here are a couple of the moose-t do activities you should try:

  • Marsh-mellow it by having a backyard fall fire pit with s'mores and sweet treats roasted over the warm fire.
  • Create a fall-themed family night for the season! Get the hot cocoa ready, make some popcorn, get into your favorite matching fall PJs from LazyOne and settle in for a fun board game or watch a scary (or not-so-scary) movie.


For all the moms in love with Fall this year and every year, whether it's a gift for her or a gift for herself, she'll love our Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please pajamas set a latte. Adorable leaves, beautiful pumpkins, and acorns adorn our 100% combed cotton knit Autumn Leaves PJ bottoms (with a pocket!). In comparison, the top showcases a complementary color in a soothing shade of blue with our patented permanent no-fade ink. Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about in this adorable PJ set!

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please Lazy One
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Or maybe mom prefers a women’s sleep shirt and some time alone cozied up with a good book or her favorite show for the night!

Leaf Me Alone Lazy One
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Our Leaf Me Alone women’s v-neck nightshirt is perfect for her, preshrunk with short sleeves and A-line styling. We also have matching socks, too!


Not to be overdone, we can't forget Thanksgiving either, another holiday that is awash with gorgeous autumnal themes. No one will cry fowl when it comes to being dressed in jammies that feel like a big hug from a silky-smooth cloud. Before riding the gravy train on the way to being stuffed, why not plan to spend the entire day in something more soothing, like a matching pair of pajamas?

Our seasonal Fall pajama collection has some sets you'll want to gobble up before they're gone. Along with our cheeky Bear Bum onesie collection, you'll find matching leaf pajamas, Moose Plaid, Buffalo and Bison, and traditional Buffalo Plaid—all excellent choices for festive wear while you're on a dinner roll of eating all the turkey.

When it comes to all this punny and comfy, you autumn know that we're your number one stop for Fall pajamas this season and every season after! Get into the pumpkin-spiced, turkey-gobblin' mood this year with your favorite pair of Fall PJs from LazyOne. Which set of Fall pajamas do you think would make beautiful holiday photos? Don't be too scare-crowed to ask - we've got fun ideas and tips for planning family photos with matching outfits too!