5 Helpful Ideas for a Fun Family Camping Trip

5 Helpful Ideas for a Fun Family Camping Trip

Posted by LazyOne on 22nd May 2024

Whether you're seasoned trailblazers or first-time campers, a family camping trip can be a whole lot of fun! With a little planning and a set of matching camping pajamas, you can all be Happy Campers. From pitching tents to telling tales by the fire, here are five tips to help you plan a great family camping trip.

Tips When Planning Your Family Campout

  1. Choose the Perfect Campsite - Scout out a campsite that's as cozy as a bear den but offers enough space for your whole wolf pack. Look for sites that meet your needs, considering proximity to amenities, nearby trails, family activities or rec areas, and other campers. Whether you prefer a rustic experience deep in the woods or a campground with modern facilities, finding the perfect spot sets the scene for a great adventure.
  2. Embrace Mother Nature's Bear-y Best - After you pick your site, take a moment to "paws" and soak in the natural beauty around you. Whether it's the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, brooks babbling somewhere beyond the trees, or the sight of stars twinkling overhead, camping offers a chance to slow down and reconnect with the great outdoors.
  3. Plan Activities That'll Make You Howl - From squirrel watching and bird chirping contests to roasting marshmallows around the campfire, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy your camping trip, even if you never leave your campsite! Keep your pack entertained with activities that'll have you all howling with laughter. Encourage little ones to get involved in planning, suggesting favorite toys and outdoor games that are suitable for all ages. Campsite games are a great way to make new friends. Just don't forget about quiet hours!
  4. Pack Light, Travel Right - Remember, less is s'more when it comes to camping. Pack essentials like a shelter, water, and clothing, but leave room for a few creature comforts from home, like family camping trip pajamas bought especially for your new adventure.
  5. Get Your Paws on Matching Pajamas - Don't underestimate the power of comfortable sleepwear! Imagine everyone all snug as bugs in a rug, gathered 'round the campfire in matching camping pajamas from our Happy Camper Family Matching Pajama Collection. It's a guaranteed recipe for smiles, laughs, and a whole lot of memories. With original designs and sizes for cubs of all ages, there's no better way to camp in style and turn your next camping experience into a memorable family bonding opportunity.
Happy Camper Matching Camping Pajamas

Plan a Camping Trip Full of Family Fun

Start a new family tradition and plan a relaxing retreat to nature that everyone can look forward to each year. Explore new campsites to see more of the great outdoors, or return to a familiar favorite that offers everything your family needs. If possible, choose the same weekend each year. Our family camping trip is always over the 24th of July so the entire family can plan on it without endless emails and calendar coordinating. Our camping trips are always more fun with matching pajamas, too. We've had a few fun designs that make for great family photos, like the  Don't Wake The Bear family matching set and Bear Essentials Onesie family matching pajamas.

Getting Along on A Camping Trip

It can be overwhelming to plan a big campout with other families or friends, so make sure each can be responsible for their own meals or agree to take turns cooking and cleaning up for the whole pack. Expect changes - from weather to wild animals, nothing goes completely as planned. Sometimes you get a full-blown fiasco, but those are usually the times that go down in history as the best family stories! Eventually you'll laugh about the trip when all of the tents collapsed in the wind, we promise. So don't forget to pack your sense of humor and a little perspective to create fun family memories every chance you get.

There you have it, campers! Camping is a wonderful way to explore, reconnect, and make memories with your family. With these tips in your backpack and a set of family matching pajamas, you're ready to embark on a howlin' good adventure. So pack your PJs, grab your gear, and get ready for a wild time in the great outdoors!