Ocean Collection

Who can say no to a day at the beach? If you think a day at the beach is relaxing, just wait until you experience the rest you’ll get while sleeping in a pair of ocean pajamas. Embrace your inner mermaid, otter, or even shark with our lively collection of sea friends!

At LazyOne, we offer a large selection of aquatic pajamas that will keep you comfortable and happy as a clam as you snooze and dream of summer. Our aquatic family pajamas collection features a wide variety of PJs and accessories to help you sleep soundlessly while dreaming of the sea, not to mention our signature flapjack onesies and fuzzy feet slippers so you can keep a slice of summer year-round.

If you are all about the palm trees and 80 degrees, prepare to fall head over heels for our selection of ocean family pajamas. We have all your needs covered for every member of the family! We carry tiny infant creeper onesies to make handling surprise poopies a snap, pajama sets and rompers for big kids who love penguins, sharks, and other sea creatures, as well as boxers, nightshirts, and PJs for adults that know how to nail the oceanic look like a pirate of the high seas of style!

Ready to Netflix and krill or are you whaley tired? Don’t let yourself get crabby in the morning. Every aquatic pajama set we supply is made of comfortable combed cotton to help you keep the grumpies at bay. Plus, our Nautical collection is full of cute finds which are perfect for wearing on your seaside vacation.

Shopping just for the halibut? In our selection of ocean pajama sets, you can cross off a lot on that shopping list ahead of the holidays and make gift giving an ocean breeze. Our rompers for kids and boxers for men or women are perfect for stuffing into those stockings. We also offer blankets, socks, and other gifts that are shore to surprise every lover of the sea. Plus, we offer free shipping on U.S. orders over $75! Add some sunshine and seaside to your sweet dreams today!