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Moose Plaid Family Matching Pajamas

The moose is one of the many symbols of the outdoors. A moose standing in the trees, and flowing streams creates a perfect mountain image. As a Utah based company, we love the moose, which is why we’ve devoted this entire collection to them. Some of our best-selling items are moose pajamas, and this collection is definitely a “moose” see!

Our Moose Collection features an assortment of pajama sets for adults and children. A few of these are made just for the ladies—the Funky Moose and Chocolate Moose are examples. These offer good humor prints in short sleeve and tank top options. The Chocolate Moose collection, which features a chocolate dipped moose— offers a few more selections to match its pattern, like spa slippers, kitchen items, and a nightshirt. If you’re searching for the best pajamas for Mom, moose gifts like these are hard to pass by!

Our Moose Plaid Collection is able to outfit your entire family, including the tiny moose (we mean your dog)! With red and black plaid bottoms and a baseball tee-inspired top, these moose pajamas are ideal for those holiday photos you’ve been wanting to take. The Infant Creeper Onesie is also red and black plaid with a white moose on the front. If mom would like another pajama option, we offer a flannel nightshirt that will look super cute! This collection also includes the Dog Onesie Flapjack, which comes in an array of sizes to fit your good boy or girl. You can easily complete your family photo with the red plaid bomber cap and extra soft sherpa blanket for a “moosetastic” theme!

Another way to get the whole family involved are our moose Flapjack onesies made for everyone! These moose pajamas come in two styles, each incredibly comfy and warm. The Classic Moose onesies are offered in a blue and white or pink and white color scheme with an all over moose pattern. The buttoned flap on the back reads “Don’t Moose With Me!” for your morning grumps. The Moose Caboose is our other funny moose pajamas offering. This Flapjack is grey, red, and white with striped cuffs. The trapdoor gives the backside a little style with red and black plaid and the phrase “Moose Caboose” for a little sprinkle of cheeky humor. We’re totally “moosing around” all year in these! These are such a fun way to come together to make lasting memories.

Bring the jovial spirit of the moose into your home with our moose pajama collection. If you have questions about our funny moose pajamas, please feel free to contact us!