Cute Thermal Pajama Sets

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Thermeez are the jammies ladies love to lounge in! Made from just the right blend of Lycra and cotton, these thermals stretch to become a soft and clingy second skin, but then shrink right back to maintain their original shape and size! Get ready to snuggle up with several cute and stylish pajama sets to choose from that coordinate with our most popular pajama collections!

Sometimes, you just can’t top the classics, and our Thermeez jammies are tough to beat! Think of thermal long johns, but way more stylish and fun. These pajama sets include separate tops and bottom made with warm and toasty waffle fabric. The tops feature an ultra-feminine neckline with decorative buttons and cuff sleeves. The pajama bottoms also have a faux button fly and a functional drawstring for a perfect fit. Match the family with popular pajama themes like Nordic Moose, Country Stripe, Classic Moose, and more! Just like mama bear, older teenage girls will love lounging in these moose-have jammies. Worried about the fabric being too sheer? Never fear! This thermal waffle material has enough weight to keep your bear essentials covered just right. You’ll love wearing these comfy and warm PJs around the house on lazy mornings with the kids or during the evening when the family comes together to relax after a great meal.

Unlike other thermal pajamas, ours don’t moose around when it comes to quality. We use the purrfect blend of super soft cotton and Lycra to feel great for all-day wear without losing its shape. Because hey, who wants saggy jammies? After these cute thermal pajama sets are washed, they’ll return in their original size. Our prints are permanent, so they won’t fade even after dozens of washes! We’ve already preshrunk the material too, so you can get tons of wear out of your funny thermal pajama sets without them shrinking up itty bitty.

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