Pajama Care

Pajama Care

Posted by Lazy One on 27th Apr 2023

You love your comfy, cozy pajamas more than your family somedays. There is no shame in your cozy game after all. When it comes to how to best care for these beloved threads, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some tips for basic pajama care to keep your favorite apparel looking and feeling its best for years to come!


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone put easy to understand instructions attached to your clothes regarding care? Too bad, that innovation is impossi-- Wait, I am being informed that most clothing companies DO label their clothing regarding care! The easiest way to know the right care for your PJs is to simply read the label or tag!

There will be care instructions to tell you what temperature to wash or dry the garment, as well as whether it should be washed inside out. This is the easiest way to make sure you always perform the right pajama care for your favorite jammies.


Of course, if you have been wearing the PJs for years, the label may be hard to read. This is where you have a chance to step up your pajama care game. It is a good idea to know the basic care of common PJ fabrics to avoid any issues. For example, PJs made of 100% combed cotton such as most of our LazyOne pajamas, can be machine washed in cold water and then tumbled dry (low) in the dryer without worry. If the pajamas are a blend of cotton and Lycra, such as our legging sets, the same basics of washing and drying still apply.

If the pajamas are wool-based, you'll also want to wash in cold and dry on low. The good news is that pajamas from LazyOne are made to be machine washable and dryer-friendly so you don’t have much to worry about in this regard. However, if you own fancy pants pajamas such as silk, you need to know even more advanced laundry care. This is just another reason to stick the fabrics of comfort found at LazyOne!

When in doubt about material care of your LazyOne pajamas, it is usually safe to wash them on gentle in cold water and a low tumble dry if you are concerned about proper washing care. Typically speaking, an item will not be suitable for the washer/dryer if the material is silky or prone to shrinking. Since our pajamas are typically cotton and preshrunk, you are in the clear to wash and dry as normal.


When it comes to pajama care, the right soap is an important factor. Unless noted as acceptable on the care tag, you don’t want to use bleach or harsh detergent on your pajamas.

While your LazyOne pajamas are infusion printed and resist normal fading, the use of bleach will fade the colors and weaken the fabric durability over time.


Do you need to wash your pajamas after just one wear? There is a debate surrounding this idea and there are good points being made on both sides. If you wear your pajamas for two or more nights instead of one, you save on laundry and wear on the pajamas. Since most people wear them to sleep and you don’t exactly get dirty sleeping, you could easily wear them a second night. This is especially true of kids to make their pajamas last a little longer. This is particularly true if you rotate through a few pairs of pajamas...actually, that is a big enough idea, it deserves it's own point! So without further adieu-


Whether you demand a fresh pair of PJs each and every night or you do the make them last for more, there is another way to reduce the wear and tear on your jammies as part of their routine care.

If you keep enough pajamas on hand, you can easily rotate them out and reduce wear on all the different sets. Best of all, there is truly a wide range of styles for jammies to show off your many sides and personality. This is reason enough to add extra jammies to the rotation!

The bottom line of pajama care is to make sure you follow instructions and treat them with respect. Respect the PJs!