Matching Christmas Jammies Gift Guide

Matching Christmas Jammies Gift Guide

Posted by Lazy One on 12th May 2023

Matching pajamas are our jam, and they’re sure to be yours, too! They easily bring laughter and joy to any home, especially around the holidays. When you’re shopping for jammies for your family or as a Christmas gift to a family member or bestie, you might not feel beary sure which matching PJs to choose. After all, we sure do offer a huge variety of moose-have jammie sets for the babies, kids, mom, dad, and even Fido! Would they like elf-themed jammies or ones that have animals on them like bears, moose, or buffalo? Maybe their thing is plaid or stripes instead. How can you possibly make the right decision? Never fear because we’ve got you covered! This is why we’ve put together this gift guide to help you find the purrfect matching pajamas for your gang or someone else’s. Check out each category below based on interests like the outdoors, the ocean, and wild wild west. These will help you get a better idea of which PJs to order for the wild crew at hand!


Is your family or the one you’re shopping for wild about the great outdoors? If so, we offer a treasure trove of pawsome matching jammies that will give your recipients something to roar about! Our bear-themed PJs are ideal for families who love spending lazy days hibernating inside together.

There are over 12 matching bear sets, like the very popular Bear Cheeks collection as well as the Don’t Wake the Bear, Bearly Awake, andFamily Bear collections. These super cute styles feature funny phrases that are sure to be a hit!


We offer a number of plaid matching sets that look classic, but have a little humor added in as well! From bear and moose to trees and elves, many of our matching plaid PJs are moose-haves for you or your recipient’s brood. Shop the ever popular buffalo plaid or go for the grey plaid styles.

No matter which you choose, your recipients will love how un-bear-lievably funny and comfy our jammies are!


Does Bigfoot, unicorns, or monsters excite the kids or your recipient’s crew? Check out our mystical creature sets,

which feature all the fabled and magical creatures you can imagine! These are perfect for families that find themselves bingeing Disney or Pixar movies on the weekend. For Christmas family matching pajamas consider the Yeti for Bed pajama sets. These are perfect for those holiday portraits by the Christmas tree or even a magical themed backdrop. Get your little monsters dressed in the comfiest, most magical matching jammies on the planet!


Shopping for a crew that loves the ocean life? Your little mermaids or sailors are going to love our ocean-themed PJ sets! Some of these feature puffins, crabs, mermaids, turtles, narwhals, and even sharks.

You can even find additional ocean-themed items like blankets, slippers, socks, and other options that will have the family in that beach state of mind anytime of the year. With these options, it’s all sunshine and shorelines!


Giddy up, partner! Our Western collection embraces the unique styles of the west. These jammies will have cowboys and girls stampeding around the house in their new PJs! You’ll find buffalo and bison-themed pajamas as well as horses, sugar skulls, boots, cowboys, and other darn-tootin’ styles.

This collection offers comfy and warm Southwestern PJs for baby, the kids, mom, dad, and even the family’s furry friends!


With its broad stripes and bright stars, the American flag is just the coolest. That’s why we have an entire collection dedicated to it! For families that love adding a little patriotism to their wardrobe, the Stars & Stripes sets are a great way to show off how much the crew loves the USA!

Not only will you find PJ sets that celebrate the red, white, and blue, but also onesies, baby rompers, and slippers! With these options, you can amp up your patriotism, even in your sleep!


What about those who celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas? We have the perfect jammies that will make each year even more special! Our Happy Hanukkah pajamas are just what the family needs to make spinning the dreidel and whipping up some tasty latkes even more memorable.

Babies, kids, mom, and dad can all get in on the reason for the season with these comfy and cozy jammies.

Now, you should have a beary good idea of which pajama styles your family or recipient will be head over hooves for! With the above categories, it’s easy peasy to find the right matching jammie sets that will create tons of lasting memories this holiday season. From outdoor enthusiasts to those who love spending time inside watching funny cartoons with their kids, we have something for every family. Not only are our jammies soft, comfortable, and oh-so cozy, but they help bring families together during the Christmas season. That’s something to really put your paws together for!