How To Throw A Toddler Christmas Party

How To Throw A Toddler Christmas Party

Posted by Lazy One on 28th Apr 2023

The holidays are a magical time of the year, especially when you have toddler-aged children. For them, this season is full of joy and wonder. One of the best ways to create a love of Christmas season is to involve your little one in festivities. Throwing a toddler Christmas party is a great way to help them have fun, while learning about all about this wonderful time of the year.


Of course, you'll want to have a Christmas party that is appropriate for younger kids. The party needs to have the age appropriate theme, otherwise it will bore your toddlers. Try to pick a theme that they will love and enjoy.

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If they are into snowmen, then make your party theme match their taste. Use blue and white decorations, make snowflakes, and spread white tinsel and glitter making it appear to have snowed on your table. If they are into princesses, then try and get princess decorations with a holiday theme.


Toddlers are not known for their long attention spans or sitting quietly in a chair for hours on end. They tend to get up and explore their environments, touching everything they can reach and generally creating a little bit of chaos wherever they go. If you are going to have a Christmas party for your toddler, then you need to have one or two fun activities planned. Here are some great ideas:


Have cut out cookies already baked and cooled down. Make up different colored icing, and all the cookie decorations out and let the little ones,

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with the help of a trusted adult decorate two or three cookies and then send them home with them.


Toddlers love to make things. Have them make a simple snowman picture, using cotton balls and glue. They could paint their own Christmas ornament.

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Decide on how much mess you want to put up with, and pick your craft based on your decision. Also, be sure to choose a craft that is age appropriate or have the necessary adult hands to help supervise.


If your toddler is more into running around, then a party with lots of movement based games might be better. Consider playing Pass the parcel,

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Musical chairs- holiday edition-using Christmas music and Pin the tail on the reindeer.


For the toddlers who love movies, throw a midday movie slumber party. Have the toddlers come dressed in their best Christmas pajamas and watch Christmas themed kid movie. Make hot chocolate to drink with marshmallows, whip cream, and have the living room decked out as a comfortable pillow fort.


Toddlers can be downright picky when it comes to eating food. Your traditional party fare that adults love will probably not cut it with your little ones. Here are some fabulous toddler friendly Christmas party foods.


Your toddlers favorite fruit, all sliced up, and carrot, cucumber, and celery sticks,

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all plated up goes down a treat. It’s easy to make and easy for little toddler hands to grasp and munch on.


Pizza is a party favorite and usually goes down a treat with small children.

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You can even cut the pizza dough into Christmas tree shapes and have the children decorate their own tree.

Throwing a toddler Christmas party is an easy, fun holiday treat for everyone.

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