Our 6 Must-Haves for Summer Camp

Our 6 Must-Haves for Summer Camp

Posted by Lazy One on 22nd Apr 2023

Summertime is the perfect time for family vacations, reunions, and one of the best memory-making activities ever: summer camp! Any time you leave home it is good to make a packing checklist, so you don’t forget any of the essentials. If your kids are heading out for their first sleepaway camp or summer camp experience soon, you’ll want to add these six items to your summer camp packing list:


1- Summer Camp Journal

Keeping a camp journal is one of the best ways to keep track of summer adventures and memories. Kids can use notebooks to write down lessons learned, funny moments, contact info from new friends, and even leave pages open to add photos later!
In addition to being a fantastic keepsake full of personal memories there can also be a page dedicated to making a list of what was forgotten so it won’t be left again the next time they head off to summer camp. Summer camp journals give kids a chance to reflect, collect “owl” of their thoughts, and prepare for their next big adventure!

2- Your Favorite Lazy One Pajamas

A comfortable, cute, and cozy pair of pajamas will be a must for your kid! All that fresh air, sunshine, good food, and play make for a drowsy, dreamy summer night. Not only should you consider a suitable sleeping bag and pad for the best sleep, but a great set of PJs is also essential. We recommend checking out our kids’ long sleeve pajamas and pajama sets.
Aside from helping them sleep better, they’re sure to look forward to changing into a cute or funny pair of pajamas and then spending time around the fire telling stories, having s'mores, or playing late-night card games in dream-soft sleepwear. Depending on the sleeping arrangements, they might also want to pack their paw slippers or woodland slippers from the Lazy One footwear collection, too!

3- Cute Accessories and Comfort Items

Bringing some items from home is a fun way to share things with new camp friends or cabin mates. Maybe your fashion-forward kid would love to bring a critter purse filled with hair clips and hair ties.
Or maybe your little one has a critter pet they simply can’t be parted from—a cute companion is the perfect partner to join them on their overnight adventure!

4- Light Up the Night

Pack something to light up the inside of a tent or cabin and a good flashlight for those late-night, early-morning potty trips! Headlamps are a surprisingly fun and functional option to keep hands free, allowing anyone to carry necessities or personal items without having to also juggle a flashlight.
Newer handheld and hands-free LED light options also have long-lasting batteries, so there’s no need to pack extras or worry about lights going out in the middle of the night!

5- Easy Entertainment

Bring lightweight and fun toys. Some kids are avid readers, already in the habit of squeezing a few pages in before lights out. If that sounds like your little camper, check out our collection of children’s books for quick, easy reads that are perfect for an overnight camp.
In addition to their favorite Lazy One accessories and comfort items, here are a few more ideas of entertaining things to bring to summer camp:
  • Magnifying glasses, binoculars to spot nature, and bug catching gear
  • A deck of cards or a favorite card game they can explain to their new friends
  • Glow sticks, glow necklaces, or glow bracelets

6- Postcards or Notes to Send Home

For most kids, summer camp is the first opportunity to send something to a parent at home. Make it easy for them with a little preparation. Get stamps ready and have your kid fill out postcards or envelopes so they are ready to go once they get to camp. In addition to keeping a summer camp journal, this a great way for them to reflect on events each day and feel connected to home. When they get back, they’ll have postmarked notes from their time away to add to a scrapbook or display on the fridge for the rest of the summer. Pack the essentials plus a few extras and your kid will be all set for their trip to summer camp. Make sure they have comfy clothing for both daytime and nighttime, a few comfort items, and writing utensils for cards and a journal. With our top six favorite items to add to your summer camp packing list, they'll be ready for a memorable, delightful time. We hope we've helped you and your kids prepare for the best summer camp stay ever!