4 Easter Traditions to Start This Year!

4 Easter Traditions to Start This Year!

Posted by Lazy One on 16th May 2023

Easter is one of our favorite holidays: it’s the gateway to spring, it reminds us of new life and hope, and it’s a great time to gather with family! There are many Easter traditions, like dying eggs and Easter egg hunts, which never go out of style—and one of these much-loved traditions is the Easter basket!

Now, jellybeans and chocolate bunnies are all very well and good—hey, we like them as much as the next person—but thoughtful gifts that have special meaning last a whole lot longer than a bite of sugar! Here are some meaningful gift ideas to include in your Easter baskets this year:

Books, Books, Books: We love putting new books into our kids’ baskets, along with a personal note written on the inside cover. A new book is the perfect present—a great alternative to screens and a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Family Fun: Fill your baskets with kites, card games, Frisbees or anything else that encourages fun family time. Better yet, take those kites and Frisbees on a picnic and eat al fresco with your family and friends! Nothing’s better than eating outdoors in the warm spring sunshine. Deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches are especially tasty on an Easter picnic!

Time to Jam: Easter is a great time to shed those winter PJs! Cool new Spring and Summer pajamas for the warm months ahead are a great gift in any Easter basket…as are Easter dresses, summer swimsuits, and stylish sandals or shorts.

Magic Jelly Beans: Of course, there has to be candy in the basket—that’s a given! But why not mix your candy with a little Easter magic? Give your kids “magic” jelly beans this year. Plant them in your backyard or flowerbed and check in the morning to see what happened! (The rumor is they grow into lollipops overnight…)

However you celebrate Easter this year, I hope you have a most eggscellent time with those who matter most! Be sure to check out our Easter Pajama page where we can show you all the fun stuff that you can get!