What's Your Holiday Pajama Personality?

What's Your Holiday Pajama Personality?

Posted by Lazy One on 1st Nov 2022

Whether it's a three-piece suit, a pair of jeans, or an oversized tee, clothing gives off an impression of a person's current mood or personality—if it's true with everyday clothes, then it's probably true with your holiday pajamas too! When celebrating the holidays, some of us love to go owl-out by wearing cute, funny, or seasonal decorated sets.

Sleepwear style is as unique as each of us. Favorite colors, home décor, clothing, and PJs can express who you are without saying a single word. If you think about it, you've probably gotten a hint of how someone feels or their personality depending on what they're wearing.

So, what do your holiday PJs say about you? We bet we can guess a little bit about you, depending on your holiday sleepwear style!


If nightshirts are your go-to, you probably aren't concerned about elaborate details or frivolity and prefer ease and comfort for your holiday pajamas. We think as nightshirt wearers, you're free-spirited and comfortable in your own skin, living life on your own terms and no one else's. You might also be the sort to have a hectic schedule during the day, and you want to ensure you get s'more sleep to tackle that head-on—and you do so by choosing the simple coziness found in your favorite nightshirt.

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If you rock an adult onesie as your holiday pajamas, you're probably cooler than a cucumber. Wearing a onesie makes you smile and feels like being wrapped in a soft, warm hug. Your confidence is never rattled by what anyone else has to say about it--you know you're beary comfortable, and that's all that matters!

We bet you're fun to be around and always have a great (or groan-worthy) pun and joke to get people smiling. You don't mind if your friends, family, or loved ones stop and stare at your onesie because it's adorable and often makes everyone smile, just like you! You're a positive force in the world, and one-sie of a kind.

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If you reach for your favorite button down pajama set from LazyOne this season, you love everything classic with a touch of elegance. You're most likely very organized. You love to make lists and check them twice.

You're neat, tidy, and concerned not only with getting the right amount of sleep but also with good sleep hygiene. We bet that wherever you go, people will say that you have a calm confidence and are a steady rock in the lives of those you love. You're fantastic at optimization and finding the most efficient result while inspiring others to do the same.

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You want to drift away toasty like a marshmallow every night. Or maybe you live in a frigid climate and the cabin gets a bit drafty. Either way, you know exactly how to keep yourself warm while you sleep in some comfy fleece PJs.

Wearing fleece feels like being hugged, so you're probably an incredibly comforting presence in people's lives because you know how powerful a warm hug and being comfortable can be, especially around the holidays. You adore cuddling your loved ones and love curling up in piles of blankets with a cup of something hot, a book, or a movie and surrounding yourself with cloud-soft things.

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If you always reach for a shirt and leggings when it's time for bed, you enjoy outfits that truly offer the perfect ‘fit.

You adore fun, cute things and put your family first since you generally prefer being surrounded by your family and close personal friends. You're also extremely loyal and have a lot of integrity while being a protective mama or papa bear.

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So, how’d we do? We bet we're pretty close to your personality, depending on what holidays PJs you reach for when you're yeti for bed! We think the best thing about personalities and pajamas is that we don't need to be concerned about the perfect outfit—what matters is comfort first!

No matter how you feel this holiday season, we've got the perfect jammies ready for you. Check out our holiday matching pajamas for fun original designs, and the softest, most festive PJs you'll look forward to wearing for years to come!