Tips for Your Family Matching Outfit Photoshoot

Tips for Your Family Matching Outfit Photoshoot

Posted by Lazy One on 28th Apr 2023

Planning a family photoshoot with matching outfits for a cute and life-long memory seems so easy on the surface. But there's a lot to do when you think about it. What's a theme everyone agrees to? What matching outfits work best for the theme? Where are you going to take the photos? Are you going to take them yourself, or get a professional photographer? If you have a large extended family, how will you pick a day and place all of them can agree on?

All this information and planning can begin to pile up and seem overwhelming initially. However, not all of it must be a stress-inducing setup. You can take a few steps to make planning these matching outfits and family photos much more manageable for yourself and everyone else.

We're happy to hand over some of our favorite tips and tricks to planning family photos with matching outfits to make it easier for all involved.


1- Consider Location and Season

Before deciding on the theme or the matching outfits, it's best to choose the location first and consider the season and weather.

Will you take the photo in front of a gorgeous, wooded area in the fall with changing leaves and maybe beautiful mountains? Is this going to be at a beach? At the family log cabin? This helps lay the foundation for the entire shoot, making the rest of the decisions easier.

2- Tell Everyone in Advance

Especially if you intend to include extended family like grandparents, aunts and uncles, or adult children, let your family know that you'll be doing a photoshoot at least a few weeks in advance. If you've ever had the privilege of trying to organize a family gathering at the last minute, you undoubtedly know how stressful that can be. If you have a large family, you may not be able to get everyone—but giving them plenty of time in advance to schedule time off and reserve the day will help immensely.

3- Make a List, Book the Shot

Before you book the photographer or DIY the family shot, list the different shots, family groups, poses, and backgrounds you want before the shoot happens.

Then it's just a matter of telling the photographer what you want when you get there, or if you do it yourself, having a plan to get it perfect.


Start with mom! Moms should get to choose their outfits first. When it comes to what to wear, there is a lot of advice—but we think moms should wear the style of clothing they're most confident and comfortable with. Being true to yourself is the most important thing. The rules to family photos are: there are no rules. You could choose a dress for something feminine and flattering, your favorite pair of leggings, or even sleepwear. What matters most is being comfortable and yourself.


It's a small detail yet one that is surprisingly overlooked by many. What's your home décor style? Is it bright, cheerful colors, or is it neutral? Do you have a bohemian, cottage core, or minimalist design style?

Your family photos will no doubt be hung in your home, where they can be seen for many years. You might also want to consider matching the theme of these photos with your home style. If you will be hanging the pictures in your living room, consider the overall color scheme of that room so that you can work it into your photos.


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Once you've chosen your matching outfits, the next most important step is to order them early and try them on! Nothing throws a wrench in family fun and enjoyment as someone being uncomfortable because they've squeezed into a piece of clothing too small for them. Give yourself at least two weeks before your shoot is scheduled to have everyone try on their outfits. Ensuring everyone feels good about what they're wearing will improve the entire process.


If your family is enjoying the experience, you'll have a higher chance of getting beautiful family photos. Some families may be experienced enough to pose independently, but many aren’t. Posing isn't natural for many people; some might look uncomfortable or stiff during the photoshoot. Instead of telling them how to pose, why not plan something for your family to do during the shoot?

Walk, dance, play, lean on a wall, play hide-and-seek, hug one another, make shapes, or play a game to take candid photos of family fun. Your images will turn out beautiful while reminding you and your loved ones of moments of joy.

If possible, avoid having the family looking directly toward the sun or a strong light source, which can result in squinting or a washed-out look to your photos.

We hope we've helped make much easier what might have seemed un'bear'ably stressful. This year when you're planning family photos with matching outfits, don't let it get you down! Experience the difference with a little help from our family's tips and tricks to yours. Ready to say cheese? Browse our Matching Pajamas section today for 'pund'derfully comfortable, family-matching outfits.