5 Things You Might Need For Easy Dorm Living

5 Things You Might Need For Easy Dorm Living

Posted by Lazy One on 26th May 2023

It is always an exciting time preparing to go back to college. For freshmen, there is the eagerness to leave home and an accompanying uncertainty of what college life entails.      

One of the most common worries is what to pack! For many, this is the first time they’ll live on their own, and it can be a daunting task to try to figure out what they’ll need and what will only take up space. There are items that are obvious like a laptop, clean socks and underwear, but there also some helpful items that are often forgotten

Another consideration is how the living arrangements are in the dorms compared to home. Even if the student shared a room with a sibling, sharing space with a roommate you just met and settling into dorm is different.

Here we will look at the top 5 things every student needs (but might forget) to have an easy dorm life.


College students need to have more than enough pens, highlighters, pencils, and paper to help facilitate the learning process. Your pen can run out of ink while jotting a professor’s dictation or while making study notes in the middle of the night.

Without surplus stationery, you will miss the information or get frustrated while studying. It will make you spend the time you could use for something else re-copying from a classmate or asking your sleeping roommate for his/her pen (which is very inconvenient).

Having more office and class stationery than you need is important to enjoy college life. Another tip regarding stationery is to take some stamped envelopes so that you can write letters home. Emails work too, but there is something special about getting a letter in the mail!


If you have not made a lot of friends in your dorm, having a toolkit will surely make you popular. Now, and again someone will need a screwdriver to fix their lamp or tighten the knobs on their closet door.

That good looking student down the hall may require help putting something together. Your toolkit can put you in a great position to get a dinner date.

A power strip with a long cable is another essential dorm item. With lots of tech gear, you will require an outlet to get them all charged.

Most dorm rooms are not properly set up for easy access to electrical outlets. Sharing a single outlet with your roommate without a power strip will be extremely inconvenient for you both.

Having a toolkit and plenty of outlets can affect how well you enjoy living in the dorm.


Many dorms have shared bathrooms, and other spaces to relax after a hard day of classes. You may need to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night and it’s best if you aren’t in your underwear. Hanging out in the common areas, it's nice to have some comfy joggers to wear so that you can feel relaxed while still look good enough to answer the door.

Finally, pajamas can be a great way to make a statement about your sense of humor or style. Make sure to get a pair that say something about you, and you’ll have a great conversation starter than the old ratty sweats that you sleep in at home.


Without a bag to store your toiletries, it will be uncomfortable for you to enjoy visiting the bathroom. A shower caddy will help you keep your soaps, hair care products, toothpaste. toothbrush and more in one place.

With a shower caddy, you will avoid going back and forth from the bathroom because you forgot something in your room. Just pick your bag up and head to the bathroom.

Bathroom flip flops is another shower essential. Invest in a good pair of flip flops to avoid picking up any bacteria on the bottom of your feet in the shower. You can also wear the flip flops around the dorm.

A super soft robe is useful so that you can move between the bathroom and your bedroom with some modesty.


It is really important to have extra pair of sheets and pillows in your dorm. The sheets are helpful to take the urgency off of laundry day. It's nice to have an extra set to change so that you’ll always have a clean set on your bed.

The extra pillows can also come in handy when you want to study in your bed or on the floor.


Whether you are a freshman or a senior, having these items can be helpful if you want to enjoy living in the dorm. Some other important items you will need to enjoy dorm life include

  • A desk lamp.
  • A table fan.
  • Spare phone charger and batteries.
  • A calendar or planner.

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